Article: Top 10 Chinese Films And Shows With Unexpected On-Screen Pairs

Earlier, the cast of the films was very much predictable and stagnant. It was expected of casting actors of similar star power. However, as time went on, the casting of films and series also saw some differences while casting the pairs. There are films and television series which has some unexpected on-screen pair, while some of the on-screen pairs are loved by the audience, there are also on-screen pair who couldn't win the love from audiences. In this list, we have included ten of the most unexpected on-screen pairs of Chinese films and series. Right from age to nationality, these actors are different from one another and were least expected by the audience to view them as a pair.

1. Find Yourself

Find Yourself is a Chinese television drama that aired in 2020. The series has one of the most unexpected pairs as its main lead. Victoria Song who is the main lead actress of this film is 12 years older than the main lead actor of this series, Song Weilong. Though the onscreen pair showed great chemistry, the age gap between the two of them still couldn't be digested by many.


2. The Myth

The Myth is an action-adventure Chinese film that was released in 2005.  The cast of the film has some of the most unexpected names such as Malaika Sherawat, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Jackie Chan, and Kim Hee-sun. The most unexpected factor of this film is the onscreen pair of Chinese star Jackie Chan and South Korean star, Kim Hee-sun. Apart from the difference in nationality, there is also a huge difference in age between the pair.


3. So I Married an Anti-Fan

This film is based on Manhwa. The film stars one of the most unexpected actors, the casting directors made sure to surprise the fans with the On-screen pair as Park Chanyeol and Yuan Shanshan were paired opposite each other. While another South Korean-born K-pop star Seo Ju-hyun starred in the film. This was the first film of the K-pop idol, Park Chanyeol.


4. Count Your Lucky Stars

Count Your Lucky Stars is another Chinese television drama that aired in 2020. This series has one of the most unexpected pair of lead actors. Shen Yue and Jerry Yan are the female and male leads of this series which consists of 34 episodes. The huge margin of age between the two actors is one of the main factors for raising eyebrows as Shen Yue is 20 years younger than Jerry Yan.


5. The Rational Life

The Chinese television drama, The Rational Life aired in 2021 and has a total episode count of 35. The series had cast pairs that were the least expected by the audiences and the public. The series had cast Dylan Wang who is one of the most popular actors of the newer generations as the main male lead and Qin Lan as the female lead. The age difference between the two is quite huge as Qin Lan is 17 years older than Dylan Wang.


6. God Of War, Zhao Yun

The South Korean beauty Im Yoon-ah and Lin Gengxin played the lead characters of the Chinese television drama, God of War, Zhao Yun. The pairing of these two stars was unexpected because of different nationalities and because Yoon-ah had never acted in a Chinese television drama series before.


7. Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is a South Korean-Chinese-Hong Kong action comedy film that got released in the theatres in 2016. The makers of this film surprised the audience when they cast the globally popular South Korean actor, Lee Min Ho alongside Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang in the lead roles. The unexpected inclusion of the Hallyu Star, Lee Min Ho in the cast made fans and the audience pleasantly surprised.


8. Catman

The romantic fantasy film, Catman is a Chinese-South Korean film that was scheduled to be released in 2016, however, it wasn't released, currently, the release of this film is postponed indefinitely and no date is fixed yet. Though fans haven't watched the film yet, it doesn't change the fact that this movie did had a surprising Onscreen pair as the male lead is Oh Sehun who is a South Korean member of the K-pop group, EXO. Sehun and Janice Wu play the Onscreen pair in this film.


9. The Mermaid

When the news was confirmed that Lin Yun and Deng Chao were paired On-screen for the Chinese film, The Mermaid, it sure did surprise the fans and audience. Lin Yun at that time was 18 and comparatively a newer actress in the Entertainment Industry while Deng Chao, being 17 years older than her, was already a sought-after artist of the industry. The film later went on to become one of the biggest hits of all time.


10. The Third Way Of Love

Back then the casting of the on-screen pair for the Chinese film, The Third Way of Love was completely unexpected as the film had South Korean actor Song Seung-Heon and Chinese actress Liu Yifei play the onscreen pair. Two of the biggest stars from different nationalities united for a film, this was sure fans were not expecting at all. The onscreen pair further surprised their fans when they announced that they were dating in real life too, however, the couple soon broke up.