Article: Top 10 Unknown Chinese Writers

Scripts are a core of any kind of public broadcasting be it film or television series or even a short commercial. Scripts are the essential aspect of every broadcasting project, so naturally, a good or bad script can change the whole project upside down. However, writers who write the scripts barely get the attention that they deserve as people behind the scenes of broadcasting projects. A good writer should always be recognized for their talent. In this article, we have listed about ten such Chinese writers who are unfortunately not known by the masses.

1. Kan-Cheung Tsang

Kan-Cheung Tsang is one of the Chinese writers who hasn't gotten his due amount of attention. The writer has participated in writing some of the most popular movies of all time such as Kung Fu Hustle, The God of Cookery, Shaolin Soccer, The Mermaid, etc. Kan-Cheung Tsang is also a producer and actor aside from being a writer.


2. Xin Yi Wu

Xin Yi Wu is a Chinese writer born in 1981. The writer is one of the Chinese writers who remain unknown to the public. Her name deserves recognition from the masses which is unfortunately not received by her as she remains among the people behind the scene. Her notable work includes, Never Gone, So Young.


3. Han Niu

Han Niu is a multifaceted Chinese artist. He is a writer,  visual artist, and budding film director. The Chinese artist was born in China and was brought up in New Zealand. Han Niu is one of the less-known writers of China, his most notable work as a writer includes the Chinese film, The Third Way of Love.


4. Wing-Sum Lam

Wing-Sum Lam is a writer born in British Hong Kong. She is a screenwriter, novelist. Wing-Sum Lam is a writer who remains unknown to the public despite participating in hit novels and films. Her most notable work includes Better Days in 2019 and Soul Mate in 2016.


5. Zhangke Jia

Zhangke Jia is a Chinese screenwriter and film director. Unfortunately, he hasn't found the fame he truly deserves having done some masterpieces throughout his career. Though Zhangke Jia is a popular artist in his home country, he hasn't found global popularity. His most notable work includes A Touch of Sin, Still Life, Ash Is Purest White.


6. Chen Sicheng

Chen Sicheng is a multitalented artist, he is an actor, screenwriter, and director. He is a popular director having directed some of the biggest hits, while many don't know that he is also a competent screenwriter. He has participated in screenwriting in Great Expectations, Beijing Love Story.


7. Stanley Tong

Stanley Tong is a British Hong Kong-born multifaceted artist. He is an action choreographer, producer, film director, and screenwriter. He has written some popular movies, notably, Kung Fu Yoga starring Jackie Chan in the lead.


8. Lou Ye

He is a director and screenwriter. He is a celebrated director in the Chinese film industry, but many do not know that he also takes part in screenwriting. As a writer, he participated in movies such as Mystery, Flower, etc.


9. Lu Chuan

Lu Chuan is a Chinese screenwriter, producer, and filmmaker who has a track record of producing commercially successful films. He has worked both as a director and writer for multiple films. Some of the movies which he has written include popular films such as Born in China etc.


10. Derek Tsang

Derek Tsang whose full name is Derek Tsang Kwok-cheung born in British Hong Kong. He is a popular face in the Chinese Entertainment Industry. He is active as an actor, director, and screenwriter. But many do not know his competence as a screenwriter. He has participated in writing for movies such as Lover's Discourse, Dream Home and Isabella.