Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Started Their Careers On TV

The entertainment industry is tough to enter, especially the film industry. Unless absolutely necessary, filmmakers tend to stick to the known and familiar actors that already have some sort of experience in the industry. This is why actors usually start off small, they enter the silver screen before making it into the big screen. This can be done in many ways, like participating in a reality show or maybe a soap opera as one of the supporting roles, then slowly working your way to the top, if you are really good at acting, then maybe quicker. For instance, here is a list of some of the Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Started Their Career With TV Shows.

1. Zhang Ruo Yun

Zhang Ruo Yun is a popular Chinese actor who got started in the entertainment industry with the show The Sea's Promise where he played young Ouyang Zheng. Since then Zhang has starred in Dear My Friends, Legend of Nine Tails Fox, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, Sky on Fire, Blood Rose among others.


2. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan is a popular Chinese actor, better known to fans as Sean Xiao. Sean kickstarted his career when he starred in X-Nine, a reality TV show. Sean has featured in shows such as Battle Through the Heavens, Heroes in Harm's Way, Where Dream Begins, Super Star Academy, Joy of Life among others.


3. Deng Lun

Deng Lun, better known to fans as Allen Deng, is a famous Chinese actor who kickstarted his career with the show Flowers in Fog. Deng is best known for starring in dramas and films like Dad to be Married, Promise of Migratory Birds, White Deer Plain, Investiture of the Gods among others.


4. Zhu Zan Jin

Zhu Zan Jin is a popular Chinese actor and dancer who debuted with the show Demon Girl. Zan Jin has starred in several dramas and films such as Fatal Journey, Goodbye My Princess, Skin Painter 2, Tang Dynasty Tour, Miss the Dragon, Above the Clouds, The Untamed, Woman in Love among others.


5. Vin Zhang

Zhang Binbin, better known to fans as Vin Zhang, is a celebrated Chinese actor who has debuted with the show V Love. Since then, Zhang has starred in shows like Chronicle of Life, The Legend of the Monster, The Flame's Daughter, Song of the Moon, I Will Never Let You Go among others.


6. Timmy Xu

Xu Weizhou, better known to fans as Timmy Xu, is a popular Chinese actor who rose to fame with the show Addicted. Timmy has featured in dramas like The Evolution of Our Love, Midsummer Is Full of Hearts, Weaving a Tale of Love, City of Streamer, My Girlfriend among others.


7. Gong Jun

Gong Jun, better known to his fans by Simon Gong, is a Chinese actor who debuted with the show Sword Chaos. Gong has starred in The Love Equations, Lost Love in Times, Word of Honor, The Flaming Heart, Shining Like You, Flavor It's Yours, Shuke and Peach Blossom, The Player among others.


8. Gong Zheng

Gong Zheng is a popular Chinese actor who started his career by starring in the TV show Yandai byway no.10 - Season 1 as the main character Hang Hang. Since then, Yang starred in shows like When We Were Young, Tomorrow Will be Better, Obsessed with Heart, Untouchable Lovers among others.


9. Zha Jie

Zha Jie is a reputed Chinese actor who rose to fame in the film world with his character Prince Murong Li in the web series Men with Sword. Zha Jie has also featured in shows like Heaven Rule, Little Brother Has a Demon, Pretty Man, The Deep Palace Honey, Legend of the White Snake among others.


10. Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is a reputed budding Chinese actor who kickstarted his career with his infamous role of Dao Ming Si in the Boys Over Flowers reprise Chinese adaptation, Meteor Garden. Dylan since then starred in several dramas like The Rational Life, Miss The Dragon, Ever Night 2 among others.