Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Based On Webtoons

Korean webtoons have a fan-base equivalent to the drama land and bringing both together in ‘dramas based on webtoons’ only make the world a happier place to live in. Dipping into the magical world of comics, here is a list of our top 10 webtoon-based Korean dramas that will surely pique your interest.

1. Nevertheless

Just out of a manipulative relationship, Yoo Na-bi meets Park Jae-on who woos her with his alluring, composed presence and a fascination for butterflies. After a ‘we just clicked’ moment the back and forth temptation between the two is palpable through the screen. Nevertheless, there are unspoken insecurities: Jae-on with a twisted concept of romance and Nabi with a skeptical look on love. But what to do when they are already so far gone for each other that all this dark love seems even more intoxicating even if it isn’t right.

Based on a webtoon of the same title by Jung Seo, this drama with its interesting plot lines and the winning cast is a good watch.


2. True Beauty

Based on Yeosin-gangnim by Yaongyi with a cast that seems to have popped out straight from the webtoon, it follows Lim Ju-Kyung, a girl with simple looks who becomes a victim to school bullies who leads her to yield to cosmetics and transform into a much-loved beauty queen in her new school.

Did her life get better? Maybe a little, but all drama lovers know what turn these stories take and we are not disappointed when the school’s heartthrob Lee Suho finds out her secret. Wrapping us up in a fairytale love of embracing our inner beauty, and finding true friendship, this high school drama is full of fluff and laughs.


3. Hellbound

Hellbound is a gripping drama based on its webtoon by Yeong Sang-ho that will keep you tied to your seat.

Diving into the dark fantasy, Hellbound occurs years into the future where transcendental beings appear out of nowhere to deliver decrees and condemn some chosen ones to hell.

Engulfing the maddening, shadowed edge of faith and belief as two organizations rise by feeding on people’s fear, this drama explores the frailty of human nature becoming a meticulously crafted thriller.


4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

When Lee Young-Joon’s versatile and efficient secretary Kim announces her resignation after working for nine years, his world comes toppling down. Our ‘Mr. Full-of-Himself’ Chairman goes beyond his reach, eager to make her stay only to confuse her even more, making this tale of office romance a lot more pleasant and hilarious. Continuously falling for his charms little does Mi-so know that they share a deep history and the old friend she’s been looking for was right next to her this whole time.

Based on a webcomic ‘Why Secretary Kim’, this drama is a light-hearted and adorable watch.


5. Itaewon Class

After completing his jail time, Park Sae-ro-yi starts his bar-restaurant. Danbam seeks revenge towards the Jjanga Group who wronged him in many ways. Being kind of dim-witted, he meets our smart and multifaceted social media celebrity Jo Yi-so with sociopathic vibes, and a journey begins.

Based on Gwang-jin’s webcomic, this heartwarming drama embraces the dreams and aspirations of its characters perfectly.


6. Extraordinary You

What if one day you witness your reality coming crashing down and realize that all this while you’ve been a character in a comic book. A side character in fact.

Eun Dan-oh got her world upside down. Suffering from heart disease only because the creator of her manhwa wanted to add that element in his plot, Dan-oh, in an adamant effort to set her story straight crazily messes things up in this plot within a plot drama turning it into quite a ride. Based on Moo Ryuyee’s ‘July Found by Chance’ this drama paints the unordinary lives of side character Dan-Oh and a mere extra Haru, in a naive romance quite extraordinary.


7. Love Alarm

Childhood best friends falling for the same girl, OOF!

Love Alarm would have your heart dream for it to be a reality as it involves a high-tech app that will notify you if you have an admirer within a 10-meter distance. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

But don’t get too excited as along with the fun of finding love comes the dread of falling into one which may never be requited.

Adapted from Chon Kye-young’s webtoon following the life of a gentle and cheerful Kim Jojo, and two charming men making her love alarm ring, this drama will make your fragile heart go ‘Doki-Doki’.


8. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Adapted from Gi Maeng-gi’s webtoon, this drama explores the life of a young university student who conscious of her appearance underwent cosmetic surgeries to attain a face worthy of a perfect score. Despite her best efforts to fit in the world, she is only left being recognized as either a ‘Goddess’ or a ‘Plastic Monster’. But enter Do Kyung-Seok, our dreamboat, who recognizes his old schoolmate despite her unbelievable transformation and falls for the beauty her soul holds.

Focussing on cherishing your true self and the sweet chemistry between two chemistry majors, this coming-of-age romantic comedy is rather fun with its wonderful and fitting cast.


9. Sweet Home

If you’re interested in some gore post-apocalyptic fiction, Sweet Home is your go-to drama. This horror series lets the horror and panic creep in as our protagonist Cha Hyun-soo moves into his new apartment and soon realizes how humanity was getting devoured by monsters. Fascinating to watch as we are introduced to his neighbors; people with abundant disparities and their own gripping stories to tell, who ultimately gang up to survive and face the life-threatening bloodthirsty monsters.

Based on the webtoon ‘Sweet Home’ by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-Chan this drama is a spine-chilling trip.


10. Cheese In The Trap

The hardworking scholarship student returns to college after her hiatus only to stumble on the radar of her mysterious senior. Hong Seol struggles to figure out the intentions of complicated Yoon Jung, leaving the audience wrapped around their relationship dynamic.

Adapted from Soonki’s webtoon with the same name this drama highlights the value of friendships and the need to understand the underlying emotions of the youth, bringing before us characters with stories that need to be dug deep in.