Article: Top 10 Chinese Song Picturizations That Are A Lot Of Fun To Watch

In recent years everyone has been busy talking about KPOP while Chinese songs often are underestimated. As we see, Chinese Films and their songs have been getting more recognition than before. We constantly listen to songs that have great lyrics and music videos that help us visualize what the theme is trying to portray through it. We will see the top 10 Chinese song picturizations that are a lot of fun to watch.

10. Love Me True (我很好騙)

Love Me True is the latest single by the classic Taiwanese rock band Power Station. It is an energetic rock ballad song, and if you love rock, this song is for you. The song has over 21 million views on YouTube.

我很好騙 只需要動用幾滴眼淚 (I'm so easy to lie, all it takes is a few tears)

就會深陷 才剛掙脫的那場夢魘 (I will fall into the nightmare that I just broke free)

笨到極點 再爛的謊言都視而不見 (Stupid to the extreme, no matter how bad the lie is)

我 根本活該被騙 (I deserve to get deceived)

9. Light Years Away (光年之外)

Light Years Away is a song by the Hong Kong singer and songwriter G.E.M. The song is a Chinese theme for the famous American sci-Di film Passengers. The music video is the first song by a Hong Kong artist to get more than 151 million views on YouTube. The song is about love which is so strong that it drives her crazy.

8. In The Future, Let’s Not Be Friends Anymore (以后别做朋友)

“In the future, let’s not be friends” is sung by Eric Zhōuxìngzhé. It is a song that talks about a man who loves a girl that doesn’t love him back. It has heart-touching lyrics being immensely relatable and touches on the subject of lost opportunities. This song has 135 million views on YouTube and is for sure a favourite for many Chinese people.

7. Stranger In The North (漂向北方)

Stranger in the North is a hip hop/rap song and a collaboration between Namewee and Leehom Wang. The song describes the disillusionment of migrant workers who have hope for a better life north, only to find out that dreams can sometimes be disappointing. The piece shows deep lyrics and what people do to pay their rent and feed their families.

6. Those Bygones Years (那些年)

Those bygone years is the theme song of the Taiwanese romance film The Apple of my Eye. When you go to China and ask anyone to sing this song, practically everyone will know the song’s chorus. This song got nominated for Best Original Film Song at the 48th Golden Horse Awards. The song is about a man who regrets opening his heart to a classmate he loved in school.

5. You Exist In My Song ( 我的歌声里)

You exist in my song, which is sung by Wanting Qu, a singer-songwriter and also a pianist. In this the singer talks about a guy she loves who left. The song is famous not only in China but even globally, having over 159 million views on YouTube.

你存在 我深深的脑海里 (You (still) exist somewhere deep in my mind)

我的梦里,我的心里,我的歌声里 (In my dreams, in my heart, in my song)

4. Stay With Me (因為是你 )

Stay With Me by Weibird Wei/ William Wei is a famous Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter. It is the opening credit song of the Taiwanese drama Tears On Fire. It has great lyrics and is a must-watch song.

你的愛給我一切(Your love is all I need)

去追尋夢想不停歇 (To keep on chasing my dream)

讓我能 (So I can)

Go on and on and on

On and on and on

Just stay with me

3. A Little Happiness (小幸运)

A Little Happiness is the theme song of the movie Our Times, which was a huge success when released in 2015. The movie follows a school-based romance plotline in which a grown-up girl is missing the first love she met in high school. This song allowed the female singer Hebe Tien to capture the spotlight through this song in China.

2. Your Name Engraved Herein

Your Name Engraved Herein is a popular Chinese song by the Mandarin Singer Crowd Lu. It’s a sad song about a lover who left him alone, but somehow, he can’t forget his lover even for a second. It was the official theme song of the Taiwanese LGBT film of the same name.

希望讓這世界靜止 (I hope the time would stop)

想念才不會變得奢侈 (So I have more time to miss you)

如果有下次我會再愛一次 (If I have another chance, I will surely love again)

刻在我心底的名字 (Your name engraved herein)

1. Because of You

Because of You is an enjoyable song you must listen to if you like Chinese music. This song was like a Christmas gift for their fans as it got released in late December. It has a simple yet powerful music arrangement that makes this song very good and has great lyrics. The music video has 15 million views and was no #1 on Chinese music charts.