Article: Top 10 Korean Variety Shows To Watch In Free Time

Entertainment is a significant aspect of one's life. People watch, listen and engage in various forms of entertainment to release stress or simply for enjoyment. In recent decades the rise of variety shows has been seen in different parts of the world. With the variety shows having a good chunk of screen time, they have now become a part of the lifestyle in South Korea. These shows not only give a good laugh but also teach multiple values along with it. Here are the top 10 variety shows to watch in your free time.

1. Running Man

Running man has been one of the most famous variety shows of South Korea and has even gained international audience through its fun and interesting concept. The show runs for 90 min with missions for the MCs along with the celebrity guests to compete with one another and win the race. In addition to that, the show has invited famous celebrities from all over the world, which has made this show a must-watch for its viewers.


2. The Return Of Superman

Return of Superman is a family-friendly show that features celebrity fathers and their children, documenting their daily lives and, more importantly, what happens when the mother is not present. The show is about children and their endearing antics and is ideal for unwinding after a long day at work.


3. Knowing Bros

Since schooling is a big part of a person's life and serves as the basis of how and what one grows up to be, this show is based in a classroom setup, where everything is similar to a classic school room in Korea. The celebrities are invited as transfer students and are asked questions about their past experiences and current activities along with fun games and challenges involving dancing, singing and much more.


4. 3 Meals A Day

Three meals a day is a show that focuses on cooking from scratch in rural areas. The show invites well-known Korean celebrities, and they cook three meals together using whatever ingredients they can find in their surroundings. The show has various seasons all setups ranging from mountain tops to rural villages. A food show in a natural setting? It's an excellent show to watch when you're stressed or hungry.


5. I Live Alone

I live alone is a reality show that presents the daily lives of Korean celebrities in the most intimate setting. The show presents the unpolished side of your favorite celebrities aside from the glitz and glamour. The hosts of the show Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Han Hye Jin, and Lee Si Eon observe the lives of these celebrities. This show is a must watch for the people who love K-pop and drama and Korean entertainment, in general, to get to know your Idol much more than just on a stage.


6. The King Of The Masked Singer

The King of the Masked Singer is a popular show where various celebrities wear masks to conceal their identities and then sing without revealing their true identities. The competition is divided into four rounds, with the final contestant competing against the previous winner in the final round. Because the show involves concealing one's identity, any prejudice against one's appearance is removed and the winner is announced solely based on their talent. If you are a fan of music or singing then this show is a must have on your watch list.


7. Stars’ Top Recipe At Fun-Staurant

Food is a big part of the culture in Korea because of which there are many shows revolving around food. Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant is a show where six popular gourmets from the Korean entertainment industry come together and explore the interesting and diverse world of convenience stores. The judging panel tastes and judges the food prepared by the cooks, the winning dish is then released in convenience stores all around the country.


8. Boss In The Mirror

A boss and employee relationship is an important aspect in a workplace to maintain a steady workflow and produce optimum results. Boss in the Mirror is a show where Korean celebrity bosses go under self-examination to create a better working environment for their employees.


9. Dogs Are Incredible

Dogs are the most amazing animals on the planet earth, and are much loved amongst people. Dogs are incredible is a show where Lee Gyeong Gyu, a dog lover and Kang Hyung Wook, the country's most famous dog expert, team up together to study how humans and pets live in peace and happiness. The show has also invited various Korean celebrities who are known for their love for dogs.


10. Let's Eat Dinner Together

In today's capitalist centered world, it is becoming rare for families to sit down and have a proper meal together. Dining Together involves two celebs Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu together with K-pop stars idols actors and TV personalities go door to door asking to be fed. It's not an easy task, since they've had to return with empty stomachs at times. The challenge takes them all throughout Korea, making them learn more about the places they visit and the people they meet.