Article: Top Ten Spicy K-Dramas 

In this list, we are discussing some steamy and spicy K-dramas you can watch. These K-dramas are exciting and have great chemistry between the actors. All these dramas have a fantastic cast, attractive leads, and a lot of swoon-worthy moments.

1. Witch’s Romance

In this series, we follow the lives of Ban Ji-Yeon and Yoon Dong-Ha. Ban Ji-Yeon is a reporter. She is a dedicated and hard-working woman. She loves her job and is very enthusiastic about her work. People often call her a witch at her workplace. She doesn’t date due to her past relationship. We also follow Yoon Dong who is a twenty-five-year-old man. He runs an errand centre along with a friend. Ban and Yoon unexpectedly meet and are immediately attracted to each other. The chemistry between the couple is palpable, and it makes us keep coming back for more.

2. The World Of The Married

In this series, we follow the lives of Ji Sun-Won and Tae-Oh. Ji Sun-Won is an accomplished doctor; she is also married to Tae-Oh. She is also a doting mother. Everything seems to be well, but Tae-Oh is cheating on Sun-won. Lee Tae-Oh aspires to be a known movie director. He cheats on his wife and falls into a dangerous situation. This affair leads to a war between the couple. This series is a thrilling watch.

3. It’s Ok; This Is Love

In this series, we follow Jang Jae-Yeol, a radio DJ and a writer. We see that Jang suffers from a disorder that plagues his life. We also follow Ji Hae-Soo, a first-year in a fellowship program at a University Hospital. She is studying psychiatry. Jang and Ji Hae happened to cross paths with each-other.

4. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

In this series, we follow Kim Mi-So. She is the secretary to Lee Young-Joon. Young-Joon is the vice president of the company, and his family owns the corporation. He is known for his arrogance and his beauty. After working with him for years, Mi-So is finally ready to retire. However, her plans don’t work out as Young-Joon decides to pursue Mi-So romantically.  The tension and the chemistry between the two main leads are fantastic.

5. Something In The Rain

In this series, we follow Yoon Ji-A, a middle-aged single woman. She is the supervisor at a coffee company. She is a sweet and caring person who enjoys life. Her best friend’s brother, Seo Joon-Hee returns to Korea after a long time. To Yoon Ji, Seo was like an annoying brother. However, after his return, Ji-A starts to develop feelings for him. There are a lot of spicy and exciting moments in this drama.

6. Her Private Life

In this series, we follow Sung Deok-Mi, a curator at an art gallery. She is a dedicated fangirl. Sung runs a secret fan website for her icon. She also had faced many problems in her relationships in the past due to her obsession with the icon. She enjoys working at the gallery, and she works hard to run her fan website as well. Her life changes when Ryan joins the art gallery as the new director. The chemistry between the main leads is through the roof.

7. Another Miss Oh

In this series, we follow Oh Hae-Young, an assistant manager at a restaurant. She was dumped by her fiancé before her wedding. We also follow Park Do-Kyung, a well-known sound engineer. A year ago, he was supposed to marry another woman by the same name. However, she never showed up to the wedding. This series can be a little tricky to understand at first due to the women’s identities. However, this show has a lot of steamy scenes, and the chemistry between the actors is high.

8. It's Okay To Not Be Okay

In this series we follow, Moon Kang-Tae. He is a nurse in a psychiatric ward. He is responsible for looking after the patients and to assist in unexpected cases. He works hard to earn money. He is also a protective and loving brother. He looks after his elder brother. We also follow Ko Moon-Young, a famous author who has written several children’s books. They slowly develop feelings for each-other. Ko Moon’s outrageous flirting is fun to watch, and the chemistry is between the leads is very high.

9. Business Proposal

In this series we follow the lives of Shin Ha-Ri and her best friend Jin Young Seo. Ha-Ri works to develop recipes at a big food corporation. One day, she is forced to go on a blind date in the place of Young Seo. The blind date happened with Kang Tae Moon, the CEO of Ha-Ri's company. The chemistry between not only the main leads but also the second leads is palpable.

10. Nevertheless

In this series, we follow Yoon Na-Bi, an art student. She had a traumatic relationship in the past which dismayed her falling in love again. She has no interest in romance or pursuing a romantic relationship. In her university, she comes across another student named Park Jae-Eon, a known playboy. He has no interest in a serious, committed relationship. However, his views begin to change when he meets Na-Bi.