Article: Top 10 Le Sserafim Songs And Their Meanings

Music is the best way to connect with people around the world. It contains emotions, feelings, words, and thoughts. Some to dance and to cry. But music is not only about dance and tears. Sometimes, it is about words. We want to say to the world. We want to express how we feel. The words that hurt us. The people who make us feel useless. Some songs give us motivation to live our life to the fullest. Some teach us to trust ourselves and have self-confidence. Music can change the world. It unites people on one platform and expresses the words they want. Le Sserafim is making their way to express their thoughts to the world. They are getting famous with their songs and gaining attention from different parts of the world. They are fearless. They show us what they are and what they can do. Each track expresses different meanings and thoughts. Their songs are extraordinary and unique from others. Here are the top 10 songs of Le Sserafim.

1. Fearless

The name is enough to tell us what it is trying to express. The words they want to say to the world. This song- Fearless, tells us to be unafraid of the situation. This song teaches us to move forward without fear and unafraid of the obstacles between us. What is the actual meaning it conveys? It is simple. It tells us to embrace our mistakes and be fearless. Whatever is happening in our lives. This song motivated us to fight for our lives and never give up.

2. Blue Flame

The name might not make sense at first but believe us. The name and meaning are unique. Why is the name Blue Flame? Blue Flame is about the desire that we have and the possibility to fulfill that desire. The intense feeling is controlling us. We can't help but go towards the blue light that lures them. The energy, they can't be able to resist it. The desire pulls them and takes them to an unknown place where blue light is hard to resist. Their limits and efforts are more than we can imagine. They can't stop themselves from their desire and can't stop dancing.

3. The Great Mermaid

Everyone knows the story of the Little Mermaid. Right? The way she sacrificed her freedom for love. This song is quite the opposite of the story of the Little Mermaid. This song is about the great mermaid. The mermaid fights for freedom, dreams, and powers. She does not want to sacrifice anything for her life. Even though it is about love, she will not sacrifice her life. She chooses to fight for herself and not be afraid of being selfish. She is fearless of the societies judgments. The great mermaid dives deep into the ocean to find her true self and explore the qualities hidden beneath her. This song teaches us not to sacrifice happiness and never give up.

4. Sour Grapes

Unrequited love is the worst thing that will ever happen to someone. This song tells us what love can bring us. It will bring us happiness or pain. What if the person you love the most does not love you back? The song tells us love is like sour grapes. Love is both bitter and sweet at the same time. Here, the person is afraid of confessing his love. The person is scared of showing his love but cannot wait to express the love to the other person. But soon, they realize they can never have them. By doing this, they do not want to hurt themselves by confessing.

5. Antifragile

Are you antifragile? If not, then you have to. Everyone suffers from hardships. This song tells the world to embrace past injuries and achieve the goal. They do not have to think about what others think about them. This song reminds us to stay strong no matter how much life hurts us. The music is about self-confidence, embracing imperfections, and moving on with the past. This song tells people to work hard towards their goals.

6. Impurities

Le Sserafim is not afraid to show their impurities to the world. The same they tell the world. They should not be ashamed of their impurities. They should embrace their insecurities. These impurities help us improve and to be strong in every aspect of life. Impurities are not a bad thing. Everyone has flaws that we do not know about that. It is so because they do not reveal it.

7. Good Parts

The song is about self-love. The main things that it teaches are love and self-compassion. It tells us to accept our imperfections. It tells us not to believe in this judgemental society. This song reminds us to be positive and never to self-doubt.

8. Unforgiven

The title Unforgiven tells us not to forgive the people who hurt us. This quality may not be acceptable to society. This quality may discriminate you from others. But you should move towards your path and rise above with a better life. Unforgiven tells us it is okay not to forgive.

9. Eve, Psyche & Bluebeards Wife

This song is about being your true self and not changing for others. No matter how much you are stressed. You can still dress your best to forget about the stress and enjoy your life without any worries.

10. No Return (Into The Unknown)

No Return is about leaving the old boring life. They should be ready for a new adventure and making a new life. They should not get scared. They should go with the flow in the situation. This song is to find a new universe and conquer the new life.