Article: Top 10 Le Sserafim Facts You Were Not Aware Of

Do you know Le Sserafim? Yes, we all do know them. They are getting known worldwide for their amazing songs. You are not aware of Le Sserafim. We will help you to know them. Who are they? What are their songs about? Which show do they appear in? Who are the members? Everything you need to know. We will tell you about that. I guess you have at least heard about them once in your lifetime since they debuted. They debuted in 2022. There were six members in the group, but now it is five due to some controversy with one of the members. The members are Kim Chae Won, Huh Yunjin, Sakura Miyawaki, Kazuha and Hong Eun Chae. Kim Garam was also a member of the group Le Sserafim, but due to some issues with the bullying case, she had to leave the group. But there are many facts about the group and its members that you should know. These facts are interesting and will leave you thinking about them. Here are the top 10 facts about the girl group Le Sserafim and its members you did not know about.

1. Creator Of The Name Le Sserafim

The name of the group is so unique and eye-catching. But the question is- who created their name? The answer is easy. He is Bang Si Hyuk Pd. He is so talented. The members and the fandom were shocked when they heard the name Le Sserafim for the first time. It was the anagram of I am Fearless, which is quite shocking. Who knew that Bang PD would create the name Le Sserafim? The members are fearless queens, which exactly suits them.

2. Meaning Of Le Sserafim

As you all know, Bang Si Hyuk Pd has created the name- Le Sserafim as an anagram of I am Fearless. The name- Le Sserafim tells the members to be fearless in every part of their life. They need not worry about the hate and controversies by the people. The name- Le Sserafim symbolizes moving forward without fear and being self-confident in every moment of their life. They explore their talent and show the world what they can do.

3. Huh Yunjin And Kim Chae Won And Their Debut Song

Did you know Huh Yunjin and Kim Chae Won wrote the lyrics of one of their debut songs? Their first album is called Fearless. This song is called Blue Flame. It is incredible writing your lyrics for your debut song. The song holds a special meaning behind it. The song tells us about powerful desire and passion. To know about themselves and to be the protagonist of the story.

4. Le Sserafim Debuted Without A Leader

Did you know Le Sserafim was the first group that debuted without a leader? Yes, it did happen with the group. But it is not the same anymore. They may have debuted without a leader, but things do not go their way as they wanted to. They needed a good leader for their group to get through their problems. So they chose Kim Chae Won, the second oldest in the group, to be the leader. They need someone to speak for them, so they chose Chae Won as a leader.

5. Kim Chae Won And Her Mother

Did you know whose daughter is Kim Chae Won? No? It is okay. We will tell you about them. She is the daughter of Lee Ran Hee, a famous theater actress who has worked in many shows. Many of us don't know about this. It is so because she left the theater to focus on her daughter's debut.

6. Chae Won Wanted To Be A Flight Attendant

Chae Won wanted to be a flight attendant before becoming an idol. Yes, you heard it right. If she had not become an idol, she would embrace the skies, greet the passengers, and travel the world. If she had not chosen to become an idol, her life would be too different.

7. Huh Yunjin As A Songwriter

Previously, we have told you Huh Yunjin and Kim Chae Won wrote the lyrics of their debut song. But writing lyrics has not stopped there. She likes to write lyrics for the album. It is so because she can tell us what she feels. The best thing to express your feelings is to write a song. She had released two of the songs that she had sung. Both the songs have beautiful meanings, and the songs also express what Yunjin is feeling. It is nice to release your own words through music. And also the lyrics, written by you and not anyone else?

8. Kazuha As A Professional Ballerina

Kazuha trained as a ballerina, and now she is a professional ballerina. She had been trained there for only three months before debuting as a Le Sserafim member. Now we know why her flexibility amazes people and the members.

9. Garam In Drunk Dazed

We all know about Enhypen. They are the most popular boy groups in the South Korean Music Industry. Their Drunk Dazed MV is quite popular around the world. The people love this song so much. But everyone is curious. Who is the girl in the MV? Many people doubted that it was her. But now, it is confirmed that the girl in the MV of Drunk Dazed is Kim Garam.

10. Sakura Is A Gamer

Sakura is a gamer and also has a YouTube Channel. Having a YouTube channel isn't it interesting? Being a gamer as a girl is something very unique. There is one more extraordinary thing about Sakura. This one is not about gaming, but she can tell the blood group by looking at the person. Sakura is the most unique and talented member of the group. Her talent amazes all of us.