Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Represented Using The Puppy Emoji

In this article, listed are the top 10 idols who get the puppy emoji assigned to them officially by the company or their fans. Emojis get used by their fans to represent them on any social media or in general terms. The video editors use their respective emojis to make the subtitles in their reality show videos. Some emojis are wolf, chicken, and dog, are commonly used. The uncommon emojis would be a ferret, dumpling, etc. Some of the K-Idols even get an avatar based on their emojis. Like BTS and Stray Kids, their representative emojis are their avatars.

1. Baekhyun

Baekhyun is the puppy of EXO, a boy band under SM Entertainment as a leading vocalist and dancer. He made his debut in 2012 under EXO's sub-units EXO-K. Later he was a part of another sub-unit EXO-CBX. He is a soloist with million-seller records. He has a pet dog named Mongryong. He plays with Mongryong and cooks him different dishes, as seen in his VLogs.


2. Mingyu 

Mingyu is a leading rapper, visual, and dancer from the boy band Seventeen under Pledis Entertainment. Mingyu, despite his height and baby face, is referred to as the puppy in his group. He has a cheerful and playful personality, thus, earning his name. Mingyu had a dog named Aji and recently posted another picture of his dog Bobpul on Instagram.


3. Seungmin 

Seungmin is the leading vocalist of the 4th generation K-Pop boy band Stray Kids and is also a part of the group's sub-unit Vocal Racha. Seungmin is the puppy singer of his group. Seungmin is often referred to as "Daeng Daeng" or "Mong Mong" by his members and the fans. He has a cute puppy-like nature and a cute face. His SKZOO avatar is a brown puppy named "PuppyM."


4. Yunho 

Jung Yunho is the songwriter, singer, dancer, and actor of the famous first-generation boy band TVXQ. Yunho has been active in the industry since 2003. He made his solo debut in 2015 with the Japanese song "U Know Y."  Yunho has made a cameo in several variety shows and television series. He is the puppy of his group.


5. Park Gyu-Ri

A former member of the girl group "fromis_9," Gyuri, made her debut in 2018. Her contract with the company Pledis Entertainment expired, hence, she left the group, and now, she has signed as an actress. She was referred to with the puppy emoji while being a member of the fromis_9.


6. Wendy 

Wendy is a successful soloist and a vocalist of Red Velvet under SM Entertainment. She is also a songwriter and voice actress who made her debut in 2014. She has sung many OSTs as a soloist and with other members. Wendy has a bright and cheerful personality. She is the official puppy of Red Velvet.


7. Minhyuk 

Minhyuk was the last member to get introduced to the group Monsta X through the survival show NO.MERCY in 2015. He is a sub-vocalist and a visual of the group. His official representative emoji is the puppy because of his energetic personality and his goof around others to make the mood in the room.


8. Wheein 

Wheein is a former member of the girl group MAMAMOO. She was a vocalist and performer. When her RBW contract ended in 2022, she decided not to renew it. But, she signed a new deal with them to promote with Mamamoo for 2 more years. Wheein has confirmed to her fans that she is working on her new solo album. Though she has puppy emoji representation by her fans, she owns one cat as her pet.


9. Jonghyun 

Jonghyun is a former member and a vocalist of the famous second-generation boy band SHINEE under SM Entertainment and knew to play the piano, guitar, and bass. He was a host of the radio show JongHyun’s Blue Night. The multi-talented man, Jonghyun, also wrote a book named Diphylleia grayi. He got represented using the puppy emoji by his fans.


10. Jeongyeon 

Jeongyeon is the second eldest member and a leading vocalist of the girl group Twice under JYP Entertainment. Jeongyeon gets represented by the puppy emoji officially by her company. She is ambidextrous, meaning she can write using both hands. She ranked 66th in the list of the hundred Most Beautiful Faces in 2018.