Article: Top 10 Thai Boy Love Series Totally Worth Watching

Who doesn't enjoy a good thriller? When we watch a good drama with good acting and a good storyline, it makes us happy. A variety of genres have emerged in the world of entertainment. Romance dramas/series have captivated fans for a long time; However this genre has deviated from classic love standards in recent years. Boys Love, or BL, is an excellent example of this genre. In several countries, this genre has seen a rise in popularity, with more people adding it to their watch lists than ever before. Thailand is one of the countries that produce high-quality BL series. So, there you have it: the top ten Thai BL series to watch.

1. TharnType

TharnType is a story about a gay man and a homophobic man who are forced to share a room due to unforeseen circumstances. The story develops to show their relationship and how it evolves from hatred to friendship and love. Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut are the main characters in the drama. This enemy to lovers’ trope will keep you hooked until the very end.


2. Love Sick

Love Sick is a show about a group of fake boyfriends who become actual lovers. INDRYTIMES wrote the original BL novel, The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys, which was adapted into this drama. It premiered in Thailand in 2014, with captain and white as the main characters.


3. Make It Right

Make it right is a series focused on adventures, love lines, and problems of a group of high school students. The series shows the love story of Fuse and Tee, two longtime friends who got drunk and ended up sleeping together. Make it right was based on a famous BL novel Make it Right.


4. What The Duck

What the Duck is a Thai drama about a man who fails to achieve his dream of becoming a flight attendant and instead works in the airline's catering department, where he is pursued by a co-worker. The show had aired in 2018.


5. Why R U?

The plot revolves around two couples. Both Tutor and the Fighter have opposing temperaments, with the Tutor being wise and Fighter being emotional. Saifah is a well-known musician who is frequently embroiled in trouble, whereas Zon is a shy and obstinate science fiction writer. This is a drama about two couples who fall in love while being diametrically opposites.


6. Love By Chance

Love by chance tells a story of two people who meet and help each other by chance despite their lack of compatibility in several ways. This drama showcases various outlaws of love such as brotherly love, gay love, friendship, and much more.


7. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again is a fantasy drama about two boys who discover they are the reincarnated souls of two previous lovers who committed suicide. They find love again, which they were unable to find in their prior lives.


8. Theory Of Love

The film Theory of Love revolves around Filmology major Third and his friend Khai, with Third having feelings for Khai for three years as a result of unrequited love; after a while, Third wanted to move on, but Khai unexpectedly realizes that he had feelings for Third. If you're curious about how this difficulty will be resolved, watch to find out!


9. 2Moon: The Series

Pha is extremely popular, but he does not appear to enjoy the spotlight. When Yo is given the opportunity to become the Moon of his faculty, he realizes he will be able to spend more time with Pha. However, their relationship begins on a rocky note. Aside from the obviously attractive actors, 2Moons is a BL series filled with love and romance.


10. 2gether (2020)

In the drama 2gether, Tine, a college cheerleader, and Sarawat, one of the most popular boys in school who is also interested in soccer and music club, star. The plot revolves around a fake romance with actual lovers. Tine is being hounded by Green, so he gets Sarawat to make up a bogus date for him in order to get away from him. Eventually, this will signal the beginning of something new for them.