Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Can’t Speak Fluent English

Although Seoul, the country's capital, will have more English speakers in the key tourist locations, English is not particularly widely spoken in South Korea overall. Short version: For Koreans used to two distinct sorts of expressions, high and low, English is a very un-Korean and unpleasant language. Perhaps because of this, two Koreans from different socioeconomic classes could never have a conversation in English, despite the fact that both speak it fluently. As a result, some Korean superstars speak English only sporadically.

1. BLACKPINK's Jisoo

Jisoo is bilingual in more than three languages, including Chinese, English, and Korean. Even though she can't speak the later two languages flawlessly, it's still a fantastic accomplishment because learning a new language is difficult, especially when she didn't have to in the first place.


2. TXT Soobin

In TXT, they can all understand English. Yeonjun, Hueningkai, and Taehyun have a higher level of speaking proficiency than the others. Although they still have Korean accents, Soobin and Beomgyu are able to speak English as well.


3. Yeji ITZY

According to observations, Yeji is the least proficient; it is clear that she still has a lot of difficulty speaking in English and prefers her native tongue because it allows her to do so more cogently.


4. Minzy 2ne1

CL is a serious contender. She is attractive, talented, swaggy, and proficient in English thanks to a childhood spent in international schools. She is a singer and rapper. While Minzy is not fluent at all, she can understand her because she speaks quite well.


5. Daesung

Kang Dae-sung is a South Korean singer, actor, and television personality best known by his stage names Daesung and D-Lite. He made his musical debut in 2006 as a member of the South Korean boy band Big Bang for the record company YG Entertainment. He has no ability to speak English.


6. TWICE Nayeon

Although Chaeyoung and Nayeon can speak a little bit of English as well, Mina and Jihyo are "the greatest" English speakers in the group. Nayeon also has an accent, but when she sings in English, for some reason she comes off as speaking European English, indicating that she is enrolled in an English class.


7. TWICE Sana

Sana Minatozaki, also known just by her first name, is a South Korean-based Japanese singer. The South Korean girl group Twice was founded in 2015 by JYP Entertainment, and she is one of its three Japanese members. Her friends assist her because she doesn't speak English well.


8. Aisha Everglow

South Korean rapper and singer Aisha is signed to Yue Hua Entertainment. She is a part of EVERGLOW, a girl group. Despite the fact that she has an English name, some people might believe that she speaks the language fluently.


9. Seungmin Stray Kids

Although Seungmin has excellent pronunciation and can speak English, he is not as proficient as Chan or Felix. The other members are able to talk in simple words, but they may use some assistance from one of the more proficient ones.


10. Heejin Loona

We all practically understand basic English, and the majority of the members talk random English. Kyla and Sungyeon (Shannon) are fluent in the subject after years of study, while Rineundo (Rena) is a confident speaker. Heejin however cannot.