Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Revived Their Career

Several Korean actors/actresses and K-pop idols have been involved in issues, leading us to question if they will be able to recover. Can these celebrities be given a second chance in today's Korean entertainment market, where the so-called cancel culture is very prevalent? As a result, here are several celebrities who have resurrected their careers following the scandal.

1. Lee Byung-Hun 

The Lee Byung-Hun affair, which exploded in August of 2014, appears to have reached a conclusion. A Seoul court sentenced Kim Da-hee and Lee Ji-yeon to one year and two months in prison, respectively, for their roles in the blackmailing of actor Lee Byung-hun.


2. Seo Ye-Ji 

It's okay not to be okay actress Seo Ye-Ji has finally delivered a public apology for her tumultuous relationship with ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun, which shook the South Korean entertainment community about a year ago. Dispatch unearthed and publicised contentious text messages between the actress and her then-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun, and Seo's response to the claims came almost ten months after Dispatch uncovered and revealed acrimonious text conversations between the actress and her then-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun. However, when she got into drama, she was able to resurrect her career.


3. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho, the South Korean actor who was recently entangled in a major incident involving his ex-girlfriend, is now gearing up for his forthcoming ventures. In a previous relationship, he was accused of gaslighting and forced abortion. Kim Seon Ho is expected to attend the script reading for his upcoming film 'Sad Tropics' on December 3rd, according to sources. In the film, he will be accompanied by actress Go Ra, who has been cast opposite him. SALT Entertainment, the actor's agency, confirmed the news.


4. Song Seung Heon

In 2004, it was found that in order to avoid military service, he submitted tainted urine samples and lied about having medical ailments including diabetes. Later, Song Seung-heon apologised and enlisted in the military for a two-year period.


5. Ju Ji Hoon

On accusations of providing ecstasy, he was arrested together with 15 others, including an actress named Yoon. Ju pleaded guilty to ecstasy and ketamine use in court on June 23, 2009. He was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for one year, 120 hours of community service, and a fine of $365,000, plus 120 hours of community service. Because to some gigs, he was able to resurrect.


6. Kim Ji Hoon 

Actor Kim Ji Hoon has apologised for watching American dramas that were illegally obtained. On November 6th 2020, the actor got embroiled in a controversy when he appeared on an episode of MBC's 'I Live Alone.' He was seen viewing the American drama 'Raised by Wolves' throughout the programme.


7. Han Ye Seul

Various rumours about Han Ye Seul's personal life have surfaced. Allegations that her new boyfriend worked in the adult entertainment industry and that she is the actress engaged in the Burning Sun controversy are among the claims, which she has refuted. A YouTuber named Kim Yong Ho, who has made multiple charges regarding Han Ye Seul and other prominent Korean actresses on his channel, is one of the main factors behind the rumours.


8. Song Hye Kyo

After co-starring in the hit drama Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo went from on-screen romance to real-life love. Their marriage was once thought to be as strange as a dream, but it ended in a dramatic divorce. Netizens speculated on the couple's decision to end their marriage after they called it quits. There are many reports that Song Joong Ki's side is primarily to blame for the divorce.


9. Jo Byeong Gyu

Someone, who claimed to be the ex-classmate of Jo Byeong Gyu's at his New Zealand high school stated in February 2021 that Jo Byeong Gyu had engaged in verbal abuse and filthy jokes during his time there. The charges were refuted by Jo Byeong Gyu's agency, and the user later apologised and deleted the message.


10. Ji Soo 

Ji Soo and Shin & Kim, a law company, issued a statement announcing that they had filed a lawsuit against those who fabricated false claims and disseminated false stories. In middle school, Ji Soo was suspected of being a perpetrator of school violence. There were additional allegations of sexual violence with coercion, however those claims were refuted by KeyEast Entertainment in a statement.