Article: Top Ten Chinese Songs

Music is an essential part of people's lives, and nearly everyone listens to music nowadays. It motivates and inspires us to be better and stronger. It is also an excellent stress reliever. There are probably more songs that deserved to be mentioned, but here are ten Chinese songs that everyone should listen to.

 1. Sailor - Zheng Zhihua

Sailor is a widely popular inspirational song. This song has inspired many people’s lives. It motivated many people who encounter problems and frustrations on their journey of life, giving them the power to fight.


2. The Brightest Star In The Night Sky – Escape Plan

The Brightest Star in the Night Sky is a song by the band Escape Plan. It has a catchy tune that resonates with the listeners, and with its hopeful lyrics, it gained a large fan base.


 3. Snail - Jay Chou

Snail is a song by Jay Chou before he rose to fame, and the lyrics describe a snail carrying a heavy shell climbing step by step to find his piece of heaven. The lyrics are on a positive side and this song has been selected as a patriotic song for high school students in Shanghai.


 4. Invisible Wings - Angela Chang

Invisible Wings by Angela Chang is a song that gave people hope, warmth, and power. The ballad genre of the song moves the listeners emotionally and encourages them to be strong in life.


5. Because Of You - Mayday

Because of You by MAYDAY, a Taiwanese rock band, is a song with simplistic yet powerful arrangements and amazing lyrics which make it enjoyable for the listeners.


6. Your Name Engraved Herein - Crowd Lu

Your Name Engraved Herein by Crowd Lu, a famous Mandarin singer, is a sad song about a lover who left him alone but can’t seem to forget his lover even for a second.


7. Mutual Pain - Andrew Tan

Mutual Pain by Andrew tang a Malaysian Mandopop singer is a sad song with the lyrics like ‘we have the same mutual pain, lying pain, pretending pain to be strong.’


8. After Leaving You - Eric Chou

After Leaving You, by Eric Chou, was released in 2021. After Leaving You is the official music theme of the 2021 Chinese romantic movie My Love, adapted from the popular Korean movie On Your Wedding Day.


9. A Little Luck - Hebe Tien

A Little Luck by Hebe Tien is the theme song for the romance film Our Times. The film was a high grosser in China.


10. Loneliness - Gloria Tang Sze-wing(G.E.M)

This song resonates with many Asians in the 80s and 90s. For many people, they were the only children in the family. This song is about loneliness and how those experiences were not bad, but they need to be reminded to love themselves and not judge others based on their appearance.