Article: Top 10 Myths About Thailand

Thailand is one of the most extravagant places in the world. The Land of Smiles surely does bring a smile to your face with its scenery and friendliest lot of people! Just like any other country, Thailand has its pros and cons. While some of these rumors are true, others are fabricated, assumed, or picked up from movies. This article talks about ten myths that surround Thailand and the truth about them.

1. It’s sordid

If you tell your friends that you are going to Thailand, they will either be envious, and excited or crack some jokes about the nightlife of the place. While these are not false, they are also not 100% true. Provided you don’t spend your entire time in Pattaya, Bangkok, and certain streets of Phuket, there is so much of Thailand to discover, which is more than just ping pong game shows and ladyboys!

2. Visiting Thailand in the rainy season means trouble

Holidaying at any place during rainy seasons is not safe. Besides, opting for a location that is prone to heavy rainfall would be foolish. Even though Thailand is prone to heavy rainfall, it is not always raining cats and dogs over there. In most cases, these heavy rains are infrequent and short-lived. The prices during this season also take a dip which can be beneficial if you plan your trip carefully.

3. Elephant activities fund cruelty

Animal exploitation is a serious offense that still exists. Animals like elephants, camels and horses are abused, and overworked for giving rides. A similar scenario is visible in Thailand, where elephant rides are very common. However, there is more than just riding that you can do with them in Thailand. Thailand has famous sanctuaries which allow you to educate yourself about them, play, and even bathe with them! These places also provide these elephants with a safe cruel free place to flourish.

4. The ice used in drinks there is unhealthy

Besides giving you a cold and runny nose, there is no harm in consuming ice in coffee or water, whether at Starbucks or in Thailand. However, there are some rumors that the ice used in the drinks there is unhealthy. However, it is untrue. All the restaurants use certified vendors or the local 7-Eleven that provide them with ice made from clean water.

5. All the brands there are fake

Expecting to buy a Louis Vuitton bag over a table at the night market is like aiming for the stars. Every country has its own Sarojini! But the idea that everything sold there is fake is entirely false. There are hundreds of malls spread throughout the country which provide real branded items, especially in Central Embassy and Gaysorn Plaza. Not every Reebok there is Reebuk!

6. Khao San is the main tourist attraction in Bangkok

Yes, Khao San road is full of bars, restaurants, tourist guides and parlours. However, it is certainly not the heart and soul of Bangkok! The place is cheap to afford. That makes it full of tourists. However, it is comparatively underdeveloped and in the Old City. Still, the place is full of foreigners. Places like Siam, Thonor, and Silom are marvellous tourist attractions that one should check.

7. Sex workers are present on the streets

The reply to this allegation is a one-word answer, No! All places around the globe have locations where sex work is prevalent, and the same applies to Thailand. But, one does not find them roaming the streets looking for customers. It is a safe place for adults and children to travel and explore.

8. You will get drugged and then robbed.

Activities of people getting drugged and robbed are not just happening in Thailand but all parts of the world. No place is free from crime! Thailand has a lot of visitors, making it easier to get robbed in such crowded places. Thai bars are no exception to it. Locals with bad intentions often enter these bars to target foreigners. Since everyone is intoxicated, chances of getting robbed or drugged or both are pretty high. It is best to be cautious in such places.

9. Poor Medical Facilities and Uneducated Doctors

We would be lying if we denied that Dr Nick Riviera from The Simpsons put prejudices about doctors in our minds! It is alleged Thailand has poor medical facilities when 2.5 million foreigners especially got their treatment done in Thailand in 2012 alone.
The country has well-educated professional doctors who can provide medical care to the needful. The infrastructure is well-developed, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the doctor in a dimly lit dungeon!

10.  All the Temples are the same

Visiting temples often seems monotonous or even something you don’t want to do when out on a trip. However, Thailand has Wat Rong Khun or the White Temple, a must-visit if you are in Thailand. Besides that, it may not seem like a thing to brag about, but the temple has one of the most extravagant toilets you have ever seen.