Article: Ten Global Trends Started Because Of Korean Entertainment

Today, the world is of globalization, technology, and Korean entertainment. Korean entertainment includes Korean dramas and K-pop songs. Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm. It has given different sources of entertainment and colors to our lives, whether the color purple (representing BTS Fandom color) or Black and pink (representing BLACKPINK). Of course, let's not forget how Korean drama has given us high expectations about our partners. Korean entertainment has started some trends globally and added new flavors to our lives. Today, we will look into ten of these trends.

1. Cuisine

In recent years, Korean entertainment like K-dramas and K-pop has become super popular worldwide, and it's not just about music and shows. The way they show food and eating in these dramas and music videos has made a significant impact on what people eat globally. For example, they often show traditional Korean dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi, kimchi, and Korean barbecue in a really appealing way, making people curious to try these foods. K-pop stars also often talk about and promote different foods and drinks. When fans see their favorite stars enjoying a particular food or drink, they want to try it, too.

2. Fashion

The Fabulous clothes worn by Korean drama actors and K-pop stars are loved by everyone. People in different countries now dress like them, layering clothes, using cute accessories, and having trendy Korean hairstyles. Due to increased demand for Korean clothing, many global companies started introducing K-fashion in their sales. Many fans wanted to style like their idols and actors, which gave rise to these kinds of fashions, and people loved it.

3. Language

The Korean language which is originally called Hangul, has gained worldwide popularity because of Korean Drama and K-pop. People wanted to know more and more about the language to understand their idols and actors better. Korean dramas have introduced many Korean words to their viewers such as annyeonghaseyo, michin, yeoboseyo, saranghaeyo, and many more. "Ramyeon meog-eul lae" is one of the phrases which gets quite popular among the fans. And of course, don't trust the person who claims to be a fan of Korean drama and doesn't know the hidden meaning of this phrase.

4. Beauty Products

Korean actors and idols have fantastic skin. This got everyone excited about skincare. Everyone wants to use their fantastic face masks and makeup. The craze of Korean beauty products leads to the globalization of many Korean beauty products and the introduction of them in global markets. Fans now follow the famous Korean skincare routine with many steps for healthy and glowing skin, just like their idols.

5. Culture

Korean dramas and K-pop have become massive hits worldwide, and they've also taught people a lot about Korea's history and traditions. They take you back to ancient Korea with characters dressed in beautiful traditional clothes like hanbok and speaking in old-fashioned ways, making people experience it once in their lifetime. The music videos in K-pop often mix old and new styles, showcasing Korean instruments and clothing and giving an introduction to Korea's culture. Fans of K-dramas and K-pop not only enjoy the shows and songs but also love to explore and discuss the historical and cultural; aspects. It's like a big adventure that makes you want to visit Korea, and see the beautiful places shown in the dramas.

6. FAN Culture

The rise of the Korean music industry gave new meaning to fan culture; every group has its own Fandom, and each Fandom has its lightstick to represent their favorite K-pop group. Fans of Korean dramas and K-pop have come together in big groups. They love and support their favorite stars. They even organize events and share stuff online. They love to follow their idols and watch their online interactions. There are various cafés, bakeries and stores opened, and many events are held by fans worldwide to support their idols and Fandom.

7. KOREAN POP Culture

Korean POP culture is loved by worldwide fans. The introduction of K-pop gave new meaning to entertainment worldwide. The idea of K-pop is not just music, but it is also about dance, rap, fashion, group and breathtaking visuals. Due to its uniqueness, the K-pop group has gained a worldwide fanbase, and people love them. Through their music videos and performances, they are spreading happiness and love and connecting people worldwide through being a part of a particular Fandom.


The popularity of Korean drama and K-pop led to global collaboration between artists. Korean dramas and K-pop music are now in many languages. Many global online platforms like Netflix and Disney Hotstar are producing Korean shows for their worldwide popularity in different languages. Many international singers have collaborated with Korean idol groups to make the music global. They make incredible music and art together, sharing their talents. Even recently, we can see many Korean celebrities being brand ambassadors of international brands. These kinds of collaborations show how Korean entertainment has reached the top level, and it brings people from different places closer, appreciating each other's creativity.

9. Tourism

The beautiful places in Korean dramas made people want to visit South Korea. Places like Busan, Jeju Island, and Seoul are super popular now. People love to see the sites where their famous drama was shot. Drama and music video cinematography make people go there and relive the moments. The popularity of the dramas gave a boost to the tourism of the country. The government has also taken various initiatives like introducing scholarships for international students.

10. Soft Masculinity

The rise of Korean drama and K-pop gave rise to new meaning to soft masculinity. Many Korean male idols and actors have been seen applying makeup, and wearing crop tops while performing; these acts gave new meaning to masculinity. The term "Flower Boys" was introduced because of Korean idols who are not shy to put on makeup, wear pink-colored clothes and like to act cute. This gives strength to men globally to beautify themselves without any shame and love to wear whatever they want without questioning their masculinity. Korean dramas and K-pop have started many fabulous trends and are adding new flavors to people's lives.