Article: Top 10 Sun And Moon Duo Of The Korean Music Industry

There are many talented singers and dancers in the K-pop Music Industry. Everyone has different personalities. Some are the rays of sunshine, and some are the moonlight. One is the troublemaker and the chaotic one. The other is the calm and mysterious one. They can sometimes be a burst of sunshine, but most of the time, they are the introverts of the group who rarely have a sunshine personality. The sunshine energy defines the energetic and bubbly personality, whereas the moonlight energy defines the calm and mysterious vibe. These duo are so different from each other. They have been together since they were trainees. These friendship duos are unexpected. Here are the 10 K-pop Idols who are the sun and moon duo of the group.

1. Kim Namjoon And Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

We all know why Jungkook joined the boy group BTS. These two are the sun and moon duo of BTS. Namjoon mostly stays calm and introverted. He is the leader of the group. His love for books is unconditional. His vibe is the moonlight of the group. On the other side, Jungkook is the golden maknae of the group. He is a troublemaker who likes to tease his older brothers. These are different people in the same group. These two are the unexpected duo of the group.

2. Seong Hwa And Kim Hong Joong (Ateez)

Seong Hwa mostly gives off mysterious vibes. He talks in a low voice. He has a calm and mysterious aura. His vibe is mostly the moon vibe that remains calm and low. Hong Joong is the sun of the group. He is full of colors and fills the room with his positive energy. When these two are together, it feels like one is the moonlight and the other is the sunshine.

3. Im Na Yeon And Chou Tzu Yu (Twice)

As we know, Nayeon is the Lalala girl of the group. She has a bubbly personality and is full of colors. She loves being in the spotlight. She is the funny one in the group. Her personality is the perfect match for the sun. Tzuyu is an introverted member of the group. She likes to lay low. She is less talkative and prefers someone else to lead the conversation wherever possible. She cannot express herself as Nayeon does. Her personality is the perfect match for the moonlight.

4. Shin Yuna And Hwang Yeji (ITZY)

Yuna is the youngest and the extroverted member of the group. She is a sweet and chill type of person. She is the cutest member and has a bubbly personality. She is the sunshine who loves to make everyone happy. Yeji is an introverted member who likes to be well-prepared. She has a calm energy that makes her unique from the other members. She sometimes has a bubbly personality, but most of the time, she is the quiet member of the group. When these two are together, you can see who is the moonlight and who is the sunshine based on the vibes they give off.

5. Moonbyul And Solar (MAMAMOO)

These two are perfect to be called the Sun and Moon duo of the group. Moonbyul is the extroverted member of the group. She likes to engage with people and has a positive energy vibe. On the other hand, Solar is an introverted person who remains calm mostly. But when these two are together, it's hard to recognize who is more extroverted.

6. Bang Chan And Lee Felix ( Stray Kids)

As we all know, Felix is the sunshine of the group. He has a bright and positive energy like a sunshine boy. Whenever Felix smiles, the whole room lights up with his positive energy. He is the sunshine boy who loves to keep everyone happy. Bang Chan is the sweet and caring one who likes to spend time alone in his room with the fandom. He has a personality that makes him the moonlight of the group.

7. Kang Tae Hyun And Huening Kai (Tomorrow X Together)

These two are the moonlight and sunshine. Huening Kai has a bubbly personality that everyone loves. He may be an introvert to the world. He is the sunshine of the group by the members. Taehyun is the introverted one who cares about the members. He is mature and has a strong sense of humor that makes him unique from his members. They both are perfect to be called the sun and the moon duo of a group.

8. Hong Eun Chae And Sakura Miyawaki (Le Sserafim )

These two are the most unexpected duo of the group. One is the child, and the other is the older sister of the group. Eun Chae has a bright and happy energy. Everyone loves to have around. She is the true sunshine girl who brightens the world with her smile. Sakura likes to speak when there is a need. She usually remains silent and observes the surroundings around her. She is the moon person of the group that has a mysterious vibe.

9. Kim Jennie And Lisa (Blackpink)

Do we need to say who is the Sunshine and the Moonlight? Lisa is known for her extrovert nature. She is a fun, outgoing, and funny person. While Jennie is somewhat introverted as compared to Lisa. She is sensitive, honest, and moody sometimes. But she is the sweetest member of the group. If Lisa is the Sun, then Jennie is the Moon of the group.

10. J Hope And Min Yoongi (BTS)

Their friendship is known worldwide. J Hope is the dancer of the group. He is the funniest person in the group. He is also called the Sunshine Boy of the group. Yoongi has a mysterious personality. He talks less, but when he is with J Hop, his vibe slightly changes from being the mysterious one in the group. Without them, the list would be incomplete.