Article: Top 10 Sunshine Girls Of The Korean Music Industry

Do you need some Vitamins? Do not worry! We have got you covered. These K-pop idols will lighten up your stressful day. Sometimes, we are stressed too much and need a way to escape. We do not need a lot of people to take the stress away. Our favorite idols are enough for us. Their bubbly personalities will make us forget that we are stressed or sad. Some female K-pop idols do not need to force themselves to have a cheerful vibe. They are effortlessly a source of vitamins for us. These girls should called Sunshine Girls or the Lalala girls of the Korean music industry. Here are the top 10 female K-Pop Idols who are the sunshine of the Korean Music Industry.

1. Lisa (Blackpink)

When the category is Sunshine Girls, how can we forget her? Lisa is the maknae and the sunshine of the group Blackpink. Her warm smile and childish tricks are enough to make you happy. Whether she performs in a group or alone on the stage, her bright personality cannot hide for long. As a rapper, sometimes we feel like she is a cold-hearted person, but in real life, she is the opposite of it. Her cheerful vibe lightens up the stage and can make anyone happy.

2. Jisoo (Blackpink)

She may be the oldest in the group, but she is the second maknae of the group. Everyone loves her cheerful and bright smile. Her silly and cute tricks will make it hard to believe that she is the oldest one. She can do both to protect members or play funny pranks on them. We can see at the award ceremonies she was trying to balance the bottle on her shoulders. She is effortlessly a comedian and brightens up the mood.

3. Chuu (Luna)

Just by looking at her, you will feel happy instantly. Yes, we are talking about the former member Chuu of the group Loona. She is the true definition of the Sunshine Girl. Without her, the list would be incomplete. Her biting heart is what makes her unique from the others. Her cuteness is irresistible and can make anyone smile. She can make any serious situation into a cheerful one. She can capture the hearts of the most cold-hearted person, and her ability to make friends with anyone makes her the sunshine girl.

4. Wendy (Red Velvet)

The Red Velvet members have many different talents. Wendy is both beautiful and sunny. She can lift everyone's moods with her cheerful attitude. It does not matter whether Wendy is speaking English or Korean. She can lift the spirits of people with her bright personality. She is the definition of true happiness and deserves a place on a list of Sunshine Girls.

5. Dahyun (Twice)

Dahyun is the moodmaker of the group Twice. She is known for her bright personality and her cheerful attitude. You can see in the variety shows how she can make everyone laugh with her humor. Her playful tricks and silly tricks can lighten up the mood. She is effortlessly hilarious. Her comic side and overflowing positive energy will leave you laughing for days. She never takes things too seriously, and her respect for everyone makes her unique from the other members. The love she shows to her fans makes her more lovable.

6. Sana (Twice)

Twice members are known for their immense beauty. Sana can be both a comedian and a beautiful idol. Her talent is known worldwide. Her cute personality and sweet smile can lift your mood instantly. Sana is cute, friendly, and funny. She never fails to make her members and fans laugh. You will fall in love with her when you look at her. She is the sunshine of the group. She brightens up the room with her instant smile.

7. Hanni (New Jeans)

New Jeans have been famous since the group debuted. The members are both beautiful and cute. How can someone ignore Hanni? She is the most adorable and the cutest in the group. Her face will change your stressful day. If you want to make your mood happy, watch her videos. It does not matter whether it is a music video or a reality show. She will never disappoint you. Her adorable smile is all we want to see. She deserves a place on the list of the sunshine girls.

8. Eunchae (Le Sserafim)

Le Sserafim is famous all over the world. Their songs are listened to and loved worldwide. The members are both beautiful and talented. Eunchae is the most cheerful member of the group Le Sserafim. She is the youngest and the most playful member. She makes everyone laugh with her silly tricks and silly pranks. She is known as the happy virus. Wherever she goes, she makes everyone laugh. She does weird things, which is hilarious. She owns the title Lalala girl of the group. She is also known as a Smile Potato. After shooting the serious concept photo shoots, she instantly changes her face from serious to happy. Her positive energy and cheerful smile are loved all over the world.

9. Lia (ITZY)

When it comes to Itzy, Lia will catch your eye. You can't ignore her cute smile and adorable face. It does not matter which looks she puts on. She is the sweetest among the members of the group. When she puts on a happy face, the whole world lightens up. Her humor makes her the comedian of the group. Without adding her to the list, it would be incomplete.

10. Nayeon (Twice)

How can we forget the famous bunny smile of Nayeon? She has a youthful energy that attracts everyone. Just like Jisoo being the oldest, she seems the youngest in the group because of her youthful personality. Her bubbly personality and cute tricks are irresistible, and you can't help but fall in love with her. While all of the members of Twice are stunning, Nayeon stands out as the Lalala girl and holds the top spot in the group.