Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Who Are Not Just Talented But Smart As Well

In the world of K-Pop, talent and charisma go hand in hand. But there are some idols who not only possess exceptional talent but also showcase their intelligence in various aspects of their lives. These idols prove that they are more than just pretty faces and fantastic performers - they are intelligent individuals who excel in different areas. From academic achievements to fluency in multiple languages, these 10 K-Pop idols have shown that intelligence is a vital part of their identity. They have demonstrated their smarts through their ability to write thoughtful lyrics, compose music, and even pursue successful acting careers alongside their music endeavors. Their intelligence is not limited to just the entertainment industry either. Some of these idols have pursued higher education or engaged in philanthropic activities that showcase their commitment to making a positive impact on society.

1. Chloe – Cignature

South Korean singer Chloe is signed to J9 Entertainment. She belongs to the girl band Cignature. Chloe gained fame for educating C++ programming knowledge on vlive. She majored in data science at the University of Michigan and received the Obama President's Education Award and the US Congressional Award. She appeared in The Time Hotel, which was a kind of game show about survival.

2. Sojin - Girl’s Day

Park So-jin, often referred to as Sojin is a South Korean singer and actor. She became famous in South Korea as the leader of the girl group Girl's Day. She has studied mechanical engineering.

3. Park Kyung - Block B

Rapper and record producer Park Kyung, commonly known as Kyung, is from South Korea. He is a part of the Block B group. Park Kyung is associated with Mensa, a famous IQ organization with a global reach. He did it first among Korean idols.

4. Yuqi - (G)I-DLE

Song Yuqi, commonly referred to as Yuqi, is a Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, and dancer. She is a solo performer in China and a member of the South Korean girl group (G)I-dle, which debuted in 2018. Since 2019, she has been a cast member of the Chinese variety show Keep Running. Yuqi of (G)I-DLE has always been highly intelligent and intellectually driven. She was accepted into one of Asia's most elite schools, Beijing 101 Middle School, where she was in Class 1 out of 14 and received the second highest grades in the class. She also possesses a high level of Korean proficiency (5 out of 6) and is proficient in English.

5. Zhang Hao – ZEROBASEONE

Zhang Hao is a Chinese singer signed to Yuehua Entertainment and residing in South Korea. Zhang won the reality competition series Boys Planet and debuted as a member of the show's resulting boy group, Zerobaseone, in July 2023. He was the first foreigner to win first place in a South Korean idol survival show of this kind. Zhang Hao ranked first in the CSAT in the province of Fujian and was accepted into one of the world's top five geosciences schools, but he declined to study music instead. He later went on to become a certified music instructor.

6. Yeosang – ATEEZ

Yeosang, the center of the South Korean boy band ATEEZ, is the main dancer, visual, vocalist, and performer. Yeosang was accepted to a famous science high school. He made a deal with his parents that if he got into the school and continued his studies, he could be a trainee, so he did both.

7. Onew – SHINee

Lee Jin-ki, popularly known as Onew, is a South Korean singer, composer, actor, and television personality. In May 2008, he made his debut as the lead vocalist and leader of the boy band Shinee, which went on to become one of South Korea's best-selling musicians. He was ranked second in high school and had the best national SAT exam score. Chungwoon University is where he earned his Master’s degree in practical music. He is also supposed to be working on his PhD.

8. Jake – ENHYPEN

Jake is a rapper and singer-songwriter with Belift Lab who is Korean and Australian. He belongs to the boy band ENHYPEN. Jake, who excels in math and physics, aspired to become an engineer if he hadn't been given the opportunity to be an idol. He was a great student in his former Australian school as well.

9. RM – BTS

Kim Nam-joon, better known as RM, formerly Rap Monster, is a South Korean rapper, composer, and record producer. He is the leader of the South Korean boy band BTS. Apart from being the leader of the most popular band in the world, he is also a brilliant person. Namjoon learned English through watching the TV show FRIENDS, has one of the highest IQs in Korea, and has grown quite outspoken in his opinions.

10. Tablo

Tablo is the stage name of Korean-Canadian hip-hop recording artist, rapper, composer, and record producer Daniel Armand Lee. Tablo has become known as the founder of the independent music label HIGHGRND (High Ground), which consisted of the bands Hyukoh and The Black Skirts, as well as the leader and producer of the venerable Korean hip-hop group Epik High. Apart from his music geniuses, Tablo is also academically smart. He went to the renowned Stanford University and has a degree in B.A and M.A.