Article: 10 Chinese Dramas With Happy Ending

If you're a fan of Chinese dramas, you know that finding one with a happy ending can be quite a challenge. However, fear not, as we have curated a list of 10 Chinese dramas that will leave you feeling satisfied and uplifted. These dramas not only captivate viewers with their compelling storylines and talented cast, but they also provide the much-needed happy ending that we all crave.

1. Eternal Love (Also Known As "Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms")

This fantasy romance tells the tale of an immortal love between a deity and a mortal woman, promising an enchanting and heartwarming conclusion. In the end, Ye Hua did not die. He is simply sleeping and awakens after three years to reconcile with Bai Qian. In the final scene, they are in Peach Tree Woods, chatting about their relationship journey before kissing to end the drama.

2. Love O2O

Set in the world of online gaming, this drama follows the blossoming romance between two gamers who find love both in the virtual world and reality. The story is about a college student who captures the attention of the most popular boy in the college. He admires her because of her gaming skills. The story has a happy ending. After more than two years of dating, Xiao Nai and Wei Wei marry when she graduates. Even after seeing a video of Cao Guang's drunken rant about being cheated by Wei Wei, nothing could shake Xiao Nai's faith in her.

3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

A light-hearted romantic comedy that showcases the sweet and adorable journey of two college students as they navigate through love, friendship, and personal growth. At the end of this drama, Fu Pei eventually fell in love with Wang Shan and proposed to her in the last episode. He also formed his own company and refused to be frightened by his father. Wang Shan is the girl who comforted Fu Pei and transformed him into a better person after Tu Mo rejected him. Tu Mo stopped loving Fu Pei because she couldn't convince herself that he was worth it after his hollow promises and lack of commitment.

4. Ashes Of Love

Combining elements of fantasy and mythology, this epic drama explores the enduring power of love amidst celestial beings and mortal realms. At the end of the drama, five hundred years have passed. Jinmi returns to the Mortal Realm alongside her father. Xufeng appears in his phoenix form on the day of her arranged wedding and reunites with Jinmi, who preserved her memories. They decide to elope.

5. My Sunshine

A touching melodrama about lost love rekindled, this series delves into themes of fate, second chances, and the resilience of true love. The end of the drama was excellent. Both the main characters visit the university, where they met, with their son and look happy.

6. Love Me If You Dare

This thrilling crime-solving drama intertwines romance with suspense as two individuals work together to solve intriguing cases while discovering their feelings for each other.

7. The King's Avatar

For fans of esports and gaming culture, this drama offers an exciting storyline centered around professional gaming competitions while highlighting friendship and personal growth. It's a close fight between Ye Xiu's Lord Grim and Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf. Lord Grim wins the fight, but with scores consolidated, Team Happy loses by one point against Team Excellent Era. Just as hope fades, the judges declare that Lord Grim receives two extra points for breaking Ye Xiu's four-year record, and Team Happy wins the tournament and takes home the trophy. This ending was the most exciting ending this drama could have had.

8. Boss & Me

Based on a popular novel, this heartwarming workplace romance follows the journey of an ordinary girl who captures the attention and heart of her cold and distant boss. This drama ended with the main lead proposing to the female lead, and both of them were happy.

9. Love Is Sweet

It is a modern-day romance that explores the complexities of relationships and career aspirations, promising a satisfying conclusion for all the characters involved. The drama concludes with Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai crying with joy over the news that she is pregnant. Another member of their adorable little family. That's not an enjoyable way to wrap up their tale.

10. The Untamed

This highly acclaimed fantasy drama combines elements of mystery, adventure, and brotherhood as it follows the journey of two cultivators in a world filled with supernatural beings. The ending of the drama was beautiful. Wei Wu Xian was playing the flute and nearing the end of the melody in the final scene. Then he heard Lan Wang Ji shout out his name. Then, gently turning back, Wei Wu Xian touched and smiled.