Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas With More Than One Female Lead

Do you like watching Korean dramas? Then we are sure you love the characters too. Of course, the characters make the drama more alive. But, if there is more than one lead, the story gets more interesting. It is about a second lead or friendship. These types of reasons do not matter at all. The lead part of the story that makes the plot more engaging is the lead. There are many dramas you have seen. These dramas are something that makes them extraordinary. You will get to enjoy the stories of all the characters. It is not about only the main lead and female lead. The other characters get to show their own stories. These dramas have more than one female lead. Let us see if you can spot more than one female lead drama.

1. The Glory

The Glory is one of the best revenge dramas in the entertainment industry. Have you seen the acting of Song Hye Kyo? It is incredibly mindblowing. The whole story is about revenge for the things the main leads suffered from. This drama is a mix of thriller, crime, and love. The two main female leads- Moon Deong Eun and Park Yeon Jin, are the main attraction of the plot. In the series, one character bullies the other character. Later, in the future, she seeks revenge on those who had made her life hell.

2. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

You have to agree the trio friendship is always the best. The same goes for these three beautiful, strong, and brave ladies. The drama mainly focuses on Na Hee Do. The other leads- Go, Yu Rim, and Ji Seung Wan, have their stories to show. The drama tells us about their hardships and achievements. Everyone faces their problems, but every issue is mandatory to focus on. This drama is not only about love and friendship- it is more than that. This drama has shown the power and struggles of women.

3. A Business Proposal

Did you know having the right people around you makes your life easier? Shin Ha Ri and Jin Young Seo have the perfect friendship. The drama has focused on both of them. Their stories, love, and chaotic sides are so fun to watch. These two female leads have made the drama more engaging and incredible through their incredible acting. These two beauties are enough reason to watch this drama.

4. Penthouse- War Of Life

Did you want some thriller in your life? Watch this series. It will keep you engaged and make you forget about reality. Shim Su Ryeon, Oh Yoon Hee, and Cheon Seo Jin, these three characters are the mandatory characters of the story. In this drama, there is a combination of murder, revenge, crime, thriller, love and friendship, and overall power. This drama mainly focuses on the dark side that will make you shock. Penthouse drama is a must-watch if you are looking for something shocking and a thriller.

5. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You is one of the best romance comedy Korean dramas. This drama also focuses on two beautiful female leads, Seo Dan and Yoon Se Ri. Seo Dan deserves better. Do you agree? These two have two different types of stories. If Seo Dan is not there, the story might not be that interesting. These two beauties are the mandatory part of the story.

6. School 2021

Have you watched School 2021 yet? The dramas that are about high school love are adorable and pretty. These characters are cute and pretty at the same time. When you watch this series, we know the two cutest female characters in the drama will steal your heart. Both the female leads have their struggles and stories to tell the audience. This drama is fun and comforting at the same time.

7. Hi Bye Mama

If you have watched this drama, you know how sad it is. This drama mainly focuses on marriage, true friendship, family, and motherhood. It tells us the love the mother has for their children. This drama has its fantasy to tell. After dying, the ghost of a mother returns to life for 49 days and appears before her remarried husband and young daughter. This plot is so extraordinary. Right? If you want to watch something like the spice of life drama- Hi Bye Mama is a must-watch.

8. The Lonely And Great God

We all know goblin drama is the best drama in the South Korean entertainment industry. This drama has made the Korean dramas popular. Ji Eun Tak and Sunny are the two main female characters of the drama. Kim Shin, an immortal goblin, seeks a human bride to remove an invisible sword impaled in his chest and end his cursed life. One day, high school student Ji Eun-Tak confesses to him that she is the chosen one. Their stories are different, and the chemistry of the main leads is so unique. The goblin drama is a gem.

9. See You In My 19th Life

Did you know what is the most beautiful relationship in families? It is the relationship between two sisters. They help and protect each other even if they have to lose something precious. Yoon Cho Won and Ban Ji Eum have shown their love for the two sisters. The pain of losing our family members is so hard to heal. Ji Eum was reborn to find the truth of remembering her past lives. Cho Won was one of the most valuable people in her life. See You In My 19th Life drama so beautifully represents different types of love.

10. Thirty-Nine

Three best friends support each other as they navigate life, love, and loss, approaching their 40s. Their hardships and struggles will make you cry. They have experienced so many things in their life. Being supportive of each other is the main trait of the drama. Thirty-Nine drama teaches us to value people who love us.