Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Are Also Bloggers

The Korean community is one of the most followed communities in the world in terms of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, etc, and because of their culture and high-value content, their followers are increasing daily. Here are the top 10 Korean celebrity bloggers -

1. Lee Min-Ho

Lee Min-Ho is a South Korean actor, model, and businessman. He became famous with the TV series ‘Boys Over Flower’ and recently acted in ‘Ask the Stars.’ Having around 30 million followers, he is the most-followed Korean actor and entertainment blogger. He also established a website known as “PROMIZE” to raise donations for human and social welfare. He is also called the king of social media. He spreads fashion and social awareness through his social media channels. His classy hairstyle and looks made him unique.

2. Irene Kim

Irene Kim is a model, television personality, and fashion blogger who was born and raised in the United States but is of Korean descent. She became famous after hosting the show ‘K-style.’ She is among the most-followed fashion bloggers. She promotes Korean trends in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She is showcasing her confidence and beauty with mesmerizing outfits. She also established her clothing brand, ‘IRENEISGOOD.’ She was one of the fashion personalities who appeared in ‘THE TODAY SHOW’ to introduce fashion trends in 2019. She also has a YouTube channel on which she posts fashion vlogs. She is considered a fashion icon among youth.

3. Jang Ki-Yong

Jang Ki-Yong is a model, actor, and social media personality. He is a well-known fashion blogger. He is well known for his unique fashion sense and attractive outfits. He started his career as a model and pursued acting after appearing as a guest in It's Okay, That's Love. He also won several awards in fashion, like the Asia Model Award and the Best Dressed Model. He frequently blogs about his lifestyle and tone through social media channels. He is endorsing good brands like Lab Series Korea, Sprite, Natuur, etc. He is well known for his romantic drama TV series worldwide.

4. Jung Ji-Woo

Jung Ji-Woo is a South Korean businesswoman, YouTuber, model, and social media influencer. She frequently makes vlogs on her YouTube channel “MEJIWOO” about fashion and traveling. She also owns a clothing brand with the same name. She promotes her unique designs and classy fashion items through her websites and social media channels. She is well known for her distinctive and sophisticated clothes. She is the elder sister of singer and rapper J-Hope. She is also the CEO of eyewear brands “Fun the Mental” and “AJLOOK.”

5. Jeon Chang Ha

Only 27-year-old Jeon Chang Ha is an actor, video blogger, and Tik-Tok personality. Surprisingly, he began his career as a content creator. After acting in the TV show “FIRST LOVE AGAIN”, he gained popularity among the youth. He is also a singer. He maintains his involvement with the audience through YouTube music, shorts, and Instagram posts. He is well known for his attractive looks and cool outfits. He is also the brand ambassador for brands -like MAC Cosmetics, Madrid Tourismo, etc. He is well known for his engaging videos on TikTok.

6. Lee JI-Eun (IU)

Lee Ji-Eun is a Korean singer, actress, and YouTuber. She is one of the top-grossing celebrities in South Korea. She started her career as a singer. She is the wealthiest Korean female idol singer. She started her acting career with “Dream High,", and recently she acted in the movie “Dream”. Today, she has established herself as one of the most famous Korean celebrities. She started her YouTube channel in 2017 as “IU Official." She described her channel as one of the best celebrity YouTube channels. She engaged her audience with the help of vlogs, music, and interview videos. Her way of performing on stage has made her a unique performer.

7. Ahn Bo-Hyun

Ahn Bo-Hyun is a South Korean actor, YouTuber, and fashion blogger. He is among the most famous Korean actors in the world. He gained worldwide popularity through the television series “Itaewon Class” and “My Name." He is well known for his attractive and fashionable clothing. He always keeps posting about his fashion and styles on Instagram. He keeps entertaining his fans with his YouTube vlogs, BTS clips, and travel vlogs. He was also involved in social work, like providing sanitary napkins to underprivileged women. He is in a relationship with “BLACKPINK” member JISOO.

8. Chriselle Lim

Another American-born South Korean celebrity, LIM, is a lifestyle and fashion blogger, fashion icon, and social media influencer. She expresses her fashion and beauty ideas on her blog, “The Chriselle Factor." She also uploaded brand endorsement videos and her divorce story to her YouTube channel. She is currently editor-in-chief of "Genlux,” a magazine. Likewise, she spreads new ideas and awareness about classy fashion and lifestyle through her Instagram and YouTube channels. She is also the founder and CEO of “BUMO”, an on-demand childcare company, and the “PHLUR” fragrance brand.

9. Park Seo-Joon

Park Seo-Joon is a South Korean actor and YouTube vlogger. He gained worldwide popularity through films, TV series, and his appearance in the movie “Parasite." He started his career by appearing in music videos and gained popularity through the TV series “Fight for My Way.” He is a frequent vlogger who constantly updates about his lifestyle and fashion. He also posted his travel vlogs on his YouTube channel. He is going to be a part of the MCU film universe. He keeps entertaining his fans through his style and photoshoots.

10. Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung is an actress, singer, model, and YouTuber from South Korea. She is among the most-followed fashion bloggers. She keeps posting vlogs, music, dance, and BTS videos on her YouTube channel. She is one of the most famous fashion icons in South Korea. She began her career through modeling. She started her acting career through the TV series “It's Okay, That’s Love.” She recently acted in "Shooting Star”. She is an inspiration for youth because of her style and music. She also makes lots of donations for people affected by the Korean floods.