Article: Top 10 Quotes From Hi, Bye Mama!

Hi, Bye Mama! Depicts a tragic tale of a mother who passes away when of giving birth to her baby. After meeting with an unfortunate accident, she turns into a ghost. She never leaves for the afterlife. She decides to stay back and take care of her daughter. One day Almighty gives her a chance to become human again. They give her 49 days to take her place back as her husband married someone else. The drama unravels the deepest and saddest regret humans feel throughout their lifetime. The drama tells the heart-wrenching stories of a mother who wants the best for their children. Here are the top 10 quotes from Hi, Bye Mama!

1. Everyone experiences a tunnel in life. a protracted tunnel that gives you the impression that the light will never emerge again. However, there are no tunnels without a way out, no such thing as endless love or perpetual suffering.

The drama tells every individual that everyone has dark phases in their life. There will be light, but one needs to allow themselves to see that light.

2. Perhaps the most wonderful thing we can experience in life is telling someone we care about how much they mean to us and expressing our gratitude to them.

Cherishing people is essential in life. One should always show their significant others how precious their presence is in life. Everyone should do something once in a while to make person happy.

3. I realized that it’s a great joy to give. And that you end up feeling sorry if you are the one always to receive. I regret that it was only after death that I learned this through my loved ones.

It’s after we lose something we realize their presence. We never know what the other moment awaits us, so it’s wise to live in the present and give significant others what they truly deserve.

4. I thought I was getting by, but seeing a crosswalk would always get my heart racing. I didn’t try to remember it, but my body must have remembered it. I’m okay now. Wouldn’t it be strange if I didn’t change after what happened? I’m only human, after all.

5. It hurt millions of times seeing you cry alone. You woke up alone, watched our baby alone, and ate alone in an empty house without me. And you cried alone. That hurt so much that I didn’t even get jealous of the other person. It broke my heart, but I felt so relieved. You felt enough pain, and you endured enough.

6. There’s no such thing as a beautiful goodbye in this world. It only hurts more and more. You pretend you’re over it, but there’s always something broken inside.

The more people we meet in our life, the more relationships we develop. When it’s time to say goodbye, everyone is terrible at it. Goodbye gives people no room for chasing the bond anymore.

7. Someone will confront the sadness that is flowing in when they part ways as she accepts reality. To protect themselves and get through this painful separation, some people may choose to turn a blind eye to the suffering. To ignore it, pass the time, or do anything else you’re attempting to do won’t help you get over this melancholy, though.

8. Everyone alive thinks like that. People think more about tomorrow than today. That’s why people have a lot of trouble, sign a lot, and regret a lot too. If they thought they’d live just another day like you or the other ghosts here, there’s no need to worry about everything.

9. Keep yourself occupied. Keep saying, Work and look after the youngster. Just endure that kind of day. Live your day just like that when tomorrow comes. If you continue to live in that manner each day, you will survive. You will endure.

To live is to work, and if a human wants to escape excruciating and unbearable pain, they need to keep themselves busy.

10. I wouldn’t have allowed each precious day merely pass by idly if I had known that the following day wouldn’t come again. I would have loved every unimportant moment if I had known the time we had was so limited.

It’s after dying that the female lead realizes the significance of every small moment that contributes to her life.