Article: Top 10 Thai Martial Arts Movies

When we watch action or martial arts movies, we expect a stunning exhibition of events. Though individuals say they watch movies to relax, the truth is that their brains are attentive and busy for the entire movie hour. The fact is that our brain processes most of the inputs in a movie in the same manner as it would in real life. Since an action film is a film genre in which the protagonist is thrown into a series of events that often feature violence, protracted combat, physical feats, rescues, and frenetic chases. So, let's have a look at these jaw-dropping Thai martial arts films.

1. Ong Bak: The Muay Thai Warrior

When the head of an old Buddha statue, which is holy to a hamlet, is stolen, Ting, a Muay Thai artist, volunteers to return it. To reclaim it, he must beat criminal boss Komtuan's troops.


2. Tom Yum Goong

When a bull and a young elephant bred together are kidnapped, a man must fly to Australia to reclaim them and decipher a plot with the help of an efficient Thai sergeant.


3. The Protector 2

Kham finds himself in hot water after being suspected of murdering a trader. Kham encounters a buddy who informs him of a terrorist plan while on the run from the trader's nieces who are martial artists.


4. Chocolate

Zen, an autistic teenager, decides to contact her mother's debtors to collect the debts when she badly needs money to heal her ailing mother. That's when her remarkable martial arts aptitude comes in handy.


5. Ong Bak 3

Tien is kidnapped and nearly killed before being rescued and returned to the Kana Khone tribe. But his arch-rivals soon reappear, challenging Tien to the last combat.


6. Ong Bak 2: The Beginning

Chernang, a warrior and the head of a band of robbers, rescues and trains Tien, an orphan child, in martial arts. In revenge for his parent's death, he becomes a lethal soldier.


7. Born To Fight (2004)

Deaw, a policeman, feels depressed when his partner is murdered by General Yang, a powerful drug lord. When Yang kidnaps a town, Deaw must save their lives.


8. Vengeance Of An Assassin

Sahamongkol Film International released Panna Rittikrai's 2014 Thai martial arts film Vengeance of an Assassin. It reunited Rittikrai and Chupong, the director and actor who worked together in Born to Fight in 2004. It is the final film directed by Panna Rittikrai, who died on July 20, 2014, at the age of 53, and it has numerous of his signature complicated stunts and long single-take action sequences.


9. Raging Phoenix

Raging Phoenix is a Thai martial arts film from 2009 that stars Yanin "Jeeja" Vismistananda in her second cinematic role. Rashane Limtrakul directs while Panna Rittikrai choreographs the martial arts.


10. Bangkok Adrenaline

When a gambling game goes bad during their tour of Thailand, four backpackers get up in massive debt. They plan to abduct the daughter of a local tycoon for ransom under the fear of violence.