Article: 10 Korean Idols Who Had The Scariest Sasaeng Moments

These tales have the atmosphere of a classic hate film. Sasaeng fans of K-Pop idols go beyond simple love and fanaticism. Sasaeng enthusiasts will go to great lengths to be close to or get the attention of their favorite idols. They, unfortunately, predominate in the K-Pop fandom and frequently invade idols' privacy while also making them uncomfortable with their acts, such as stalking or other troubling behaviors. Here are ten 10 instances where these fans' obsessions went too far, yet it happens too frequently.

1. Eunhye (Baby V.O.X)

When the group was at its height of fame, an anti-fan shot Eunhye in the eyes with a water gun loaded with soy sauce, red peppers, and vinegar. It was believed that the anti-fan was attempting to blind her. Still fortunately, there were only minor injuries, and Eunhye only needed to cover one of her eyes with an eye patch temporarily. Amazingly, Eunhyu didn't want to accuse the individual because her wounds weren't serious.

2. EXO’s Attempted Kidnapping

In order to interact with their idols, Sasaeng fans will go to any lengths. EXO had just completed one of their programs from when they were young. They left the workspace they had been in and started walking in the direction of what they believed to be their van. They were denied entry by the manager because he saw a slight irregularity. It turned out to be a wise decision because sasaeng fans had rented out a replica of EXO's van and placed it where it would typically be waiting!


3. Wedding Crashers

Sasaeng fans were deftly hidden among the regular guests during EXO Baekhyun's brother's wedding. But as soon as EXO entered and started dancing to celebrate the newlyweds, the fans rushed to video and took pictures while standing on chairs. These sasaengs went above and beyond by ignoring the cake-cutting and attempting to take pictures and sign signatures with the EXO members. The 'fans' crowded around the family when they posed for pictures, acting like press photographers at a press event to obtain the finest shots. What a terrible way to ruin your wedding day!

4. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

A male sasaeng fan attempted to kidnap Taeyeon at the 2011 Angel Price Music Festival when the group was in the middle of performing. Fortunately, Sunny and the event's MC raced over to save her as he grabbed her firmly and started hauling her offstage. The fan, however, never received retribution for his conduct.

5. BTS’ Chase

BTS is one of the most well-known groups right now, both in Korea and abroad. Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects to their popularity. When BTS was filming in Sweden, they made a pit stop at a cafe to get something to eat and unwind. Outside, there was a gathering of sasaeng supporters waiting for the guys to come out. The cameraman went out and requested them to leave. The fans pretended to leave, but when the boys emerged from the building, they began pursuing them. Fortunately, the lads were able to flee!

6. Jaejoong (JYJ)

A fan once followed Jaejoong into a jjimjilbang, a bathhouse for men and women, where he was trying to nap, and shot pictures of him while he was dozing off. She allegedly even kissed him while he was sleeping, against his will.

7. EXO’s Washroom Incident

Even K-Pop idols desire some kind of privacy when using the restroom. Unfortunately for EXO, they have been the targets of admirers who have opted to enter their personal space. The boys once ran into female sasaeng fans in the restroom. The fans even went so far as to dress like boys and shave their heads to avoid suspicion, which may already be surprising. Let's just say that the boys' behavior did not make them happy. Since then, the group members alternately stand to watch outside the restroom door to avoid another incident like this!


8. Yunho (TVXQ)

Yunho received some orange juice from a cafe employee in 2006 when she was there. Unfortunately, the individual who laced the drink with super glue wasn't exactly a member of the staff but rather an anti-fan who wanted to harm Yunho. He was taken to the hospital immediately, where he had to stay for a few days to heal. Amazingly, he forgave the individual and even requested that she not go to jail because she was a minor.

9. Choi Siwon’s Hacked Twitter

SUPER JUNIOR Siwon may be the social media royal, but that title appears to have cost him something. His Twitter account was compromised at the beginning of 2012. He begged the guy not to do it again after taking control of his account. The singer was unfortunate because it happened again! Fans were the first to believe that he had been hacked, and they became even more certain after Siwon subsequently sent out a string of tweets pleading with followers to respect his privacy.

10. Changmin (TVXQ)

When TVXQ first started getting hounded by fans who followed them around, cabs frequently followed them everywhere they went. Changmin once became frustrated with the situation and got out of their car to reprimand a fan; however, the fan rolled up her window and crushed his fingers. Thankfully, he was fine.