Article: Top 10 Life-Changing Quotes From Start-Up

Start-Up is the brave story of four people. The four people have different stories to tell. Through their stories, they convey other inspirations, emotions, and meanings. Han Ji-Pyeong, Dal-Mi, Do-San, and WonIn-Jae have different paths to success and failure. However, what remains constant is their ability to overcome loss. Han Ji-Pyeong grew up in abject poverty. However, with the help of Dal-mi’s grandma, he becomes one of the successful parts of the sandbox Company. The drama unravels the success and failure of each character and their perseverance to overcome those. Here’s the list of top 10 Life- Changing Quotes from Start-Up.

1. Promise me, do not contact me if you succeed. If you get rich and get married, don’t call me. If you’re pleased, don’t call me. But if you’;re having a hard time, give me a call.’ The lines from Dal-Mi’s Grandma to Han Ji-Pyeong remind viewers that there are only a few people are willing to help us unconditionally when we are going through something unbearable.

2. I’m not a good boy. Grandma, you completely misjudged me. I’m a jerk who hurts other people with harsh words. I pretend to be the most competent person in the world, but in reality, I’m just an idiot who knows nothing. I’m not a good boy. The lines said by Han Ji-Pyeong portray how good people always blame themselves even when they are not wrong.

3. You are a cosmos flower, and it’s still spring. Wait until fall, and you’ll bloom beautifully. Be patient.

The lines said by Dal-Mi’s grandma depict how beautiful things take time to bloom. A beautiful goes through a series of rough patches and thorns. It blooms beautifully only after crossing every possible hurdle.

4. It’s enjoyable to wander occasionally. It would be lovely to set sail occasionally without a map.

The drama portrays the beauty of an unplanned path. The path we take because we have nowhere to go. Sometimes unknown and wrong directions take us to the right destination.

5. I want to be the person that comes to mind when life gets tough.

The lines said by Han Ji-Pyeong to Dalmi prove how much he cared for her. It shows how everyone should have a person in their Life who will run to them when they are in any dire need.

6. Whatever you choose, you’ll get criticized. You can’t make any decisions if you are afraid of criticism.

In Life, everyone gets criticized for one or the other reason. People are always ready to pick out the mistakes in others. It’s human nature, and we can’t do anything to overcome that.

7. You know, life isn’t a dream. She appears to have slept soundly, and her dream was enjoyable. Time to get her up now.

Sometimes people don’t take the step they need to. They spend their time procrastinating and doing other activities. People must wake up from the things they don’t intend to do.

8. If it were sunny every day, the deserts would engulf the entire planet. For plants to flourish and produce mouth watering fruits like tangerines, we need rain and snow.

As Dal-Mi said, tangerines need both water and snow for growth, a person must go through both bad and good times to grow. Human Beings are born to suffer and learn from it.

9. You constantly trip and harm yourself. If not sand, then at least sand instead than concrete when I fall. I wouldn’t get wounded that way.’ It’s the part of Life to rise and fall. We humans get hurt all the time. However, what is necessary is that we should at least try to reduce the pain by being careful.

10. Life is unpredictable, just like people. There is no way to predict what might occur. Coding is also. Everything from a power outage to hacking can occur, and you have no control over it. We should always fall back for that reason.

Everything in Life is unpredictable and unprecedented. We never know what will happen next. It’s better to buckle up and updated. We should be ready to face any hard circumstances. Life is all about uncertainty.