Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Challenging The Conventional Norms Of Society

Movies are a great way to convey a message to society. They have the power to educate the audience on important issues, and they can influence the audience in the right direction and make their contribution to bringing change. Many Thai movies challenge the norms of society, and they have taken bold steps to alter the perception and help bring changes to the Thai movie industry. So, here is the list of top 10 Thai movies challenging the conventional norms of society:

1. Fathers (2016)

Fathers is a 2016 film about the life of a gay couple, Phoon and Yuke. It is a film about the struggles of a gay couple raising their son. It gets complicated when their son starts school. He realizes that his family is very different from other students’ families. Kids around him made fun of him because he had two dads. This film focuses on the struggles of LGBTQ+ couples, how they face discrimination, and how their lives are affected by the law which does not allow same-sex marriage in Thailand.

2. Beautiful Boxer (2003)

Beautiful boxer is a 2003 film based on the life of a trans woman, Parinya Charoenphol. Parinya, since her childhood, knew that she was a woman trapped inside a man’s body. She got into the sports of Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) to make money for her sex change surgery. She is the world’s first trans Muay Thai player, and it was not easy to get into this sport as it is considered a symbol of masculinity in Thailand. This film beautifully shows the feelings of Parinya and the struggles she faced with her transition surgery.

3. The Iron Ladies (2000)

The iron ladies is a 2000 movie based on a real-life event. This movie is about a male volleyball team that consists of gays, trans women, and cross-dressers. This movie shows their journey of winning the National Championship in 1996. They faced many problems because of their sexuality and gender orientations. Even the authorities tried to throw them out of the Championship because they were part of the LGBTQ+ community. This movie is about dedication and fighting against all odds.

4. Taxi Driver (Citizen I)

Citizen is a 1977 film based on the life of a taxi driver. It is a story about a man who moves to Bangkok from the countryside. For a better lifestyle, he sells his farmland to buy a taxi. But when he moved to the city, he faced the harsh reality of society. This film reflects the division between rich and poor. And how poverty leads someone to commit the crime.

5. The Last Song (1985)

The last song is a 1985 film based on the life of a transwoman who performs at a Cabaret. This film broke the conventional norms as it was the first film in Thailand to share an LGBTQ+ story and cast a trans person. It is a story about a transwoman, Somying Dawrai, who falls in love with a male singer but gets heartbroken as he breaks up with her for her sister. The film sheds light on the struggles of a transperson in Thai society.

6. Yes Or No (2010)

Yes or No is a 2010 film about the love story of Pie and Kim. It was the first lesbian movie to have a tomboy character. It is a story about Pie and Kim, both of them are polls apart as they come from different economic backgrounds and different sets of values. This movie is about acceptance, confusion, and love.

7. Dew (2019)

Dew is a 2019 film on the tragic story of Pob and Dew. This film is set in the 1990s when people used to make fun of homosexuality, and LGBTQ+ relationships were not acceptable in society. Due to the fear of being judged by people, Pob and Dew part ways even though they had feelings for each other.

8. How To Win At Checkers (Every Time) (2015)

How to win at checkers (every time) is a 2015 film about brothers Aek and Oat. This film shows the strong bond between Aek and his younger brother Oat. Both of the brothers had different sexualities, and even there was understanding and love for each other. Things get intense when Oat tries to prevent his brother from being drafted into the military. This film shed light on the issues related to class differences and the military.

9. Love Of Siam (2007)

Love of Siam is a 2007 film on the life of Tong and Mew. This film is about how they fell in love with each other but faced struggles because their family didn’t accept their love and sexuality. This film shows the difference between generations, how they have different values from each other, and how they are reluctant to change their opinions on things like homosexuality.

10. Visible Silence (2015)

Visible silence is a 2015 documentary that shows the unknown side of the lives of lesbians in Thai society. The documentary shows the struggle they face every day for their acceptance and recognition. In the traditional Buddhist Society, people don't accept their sexuality. This documentary shows their fight against homophobia and discrimination.