Article: 10 Times These K- POP Idols Were Betrayed And Neglected By Their Agency Staff

K-POP idols have been swamped up by millions of fans who love them and a whole team looking after them. After years of working together, the idols build a rapport with their staff and have family-like relations with them. In many cases, as you’ve seen, the agencies treat the Idols as their children and are constantly surrounding them. But what would happen in a situation where the agency and staff use their fame for their evil motives, use their sensitive and personal information for their misuse, and sell it to media houses or fans for some little money? Or if the agency has neglected the groups?

1. Lisa- Blackpink

Lisa, from BLACKPINK, was cheated! You heard it right. She reportedly lost$761,000 (One Billion Won) when her ex-manager said that he would look into prospective property investments for her, and she trusted him, so she gave him the required money, which he used on Gambling. He was the person whom she had trusted since her debut all these years. The incident left her pretty shaken and hurt.


2. Nancy- Momoland

Nancy, from Momoland, went through something terrible in the year 2019. She was being recorded while changing clothes by her agency staff. The pictures spread all over the internet. It was undoubtedly a violation of her privacy.


3. BTS

We can all agree that Bts is the most influential and popular K-Pop group .They have millions of fans worldwide, namely, the Bts ;Army;. Thus, naturally,the press and some of their fans are curious about the boys; life. In the K-Pop industry, the companies generally try their best to keep dating and personal information classified in an attempt to protect the idol's privacy. But in this case, the company members sold Bts; personal information to fans. And that broke the hearts of the boys. The schedules and appointments have been exposed, and they kept getting unwanted calls from fans. Being a fan is one

thing but stalking your idol is creepy, guys.


4. Boyfriend

Before their disbandment in 2019, Boyfriend was under Starship Entertainment and had been in the industry for over eight years. Allegedly, they have been mishandled by their agency and were not being paid much attention. Jeongmin from the group said that he was allowed to write and produce songs, but they had been given to MONSTA X. The boy band went their ways and are focused on their careers.



NU’EST, the band, had one of the most controversial disbandment as they were mistreated severely by their Agency, Pledis Entertainment. The boys were using public transport to their concert venues, and the agency did not care about their expenses. Their schedules were also tight, and they had to appear on shows while they were already busy with work. The group disbanded on March 15, 2022


6. Topp Dog

Xeno-XT, formally known as Topp Dogg, currently has five members. Senior band members earlier filed lawsuits against Stardom Entertainment for how they have been mismanaged. A lawsuit has been filed against the Agency’s CEO for allegedly stealing $250,000 from the earnings of Topp Dogg!! The group leader had filed the case.


7. Yesung- Super Junior

Someone was caught stealing in Yaesung’s apartment! Sung from Super Junior had to take a break due to health issues and stayed home alone. The group’s manager was caught stealing gifts that fans had given to the idols on meet-ups and even took the artist’s belongings. Yesung called another group member living in the same building, revealing that the manager had been stealing from members.


8. Seventeen

Like Bts, Seventeen’s personal information was sabotaged by the Agency staff. Boys were being followed, and the fans started worrying about their safety and raised the alarm. The group is being handled by Pledis Entertainment, who confirmed that the company staff leaked the information on social media. The Agency’s CEO apologized publicly and promised to punish the people involved.


9. B.A.P

B.a.p; had been handled by the Agency TS; Entertainment, whom they sued because they were mismanaging and were partial towards the agency. The group had been on the same level and potential as Bts, but due tomis management, their ship sank, which led to the group’s disbandment fans are angry with the agency to this date.


10. After School

After School, a highly successful at its peak group handled by Pledis Entertainment, the group had no comeback after their last one, “First love,” in 2013. The company was mistreating them. The band members started leaving the agency, and the fans were angry that the company wasted such good potenti