Article: Top 10 Unforgettable Quotes from Taxi Driver

The Netflix hit drama Taxi Driver (2021) increased the popularity of Lee Je Hoon. The crime-thrill-action- based drama smashed many ratings. Le Je Hoon played the role of taxi driver Do Gi. The drama revolves around many stories where taxi Driver Do Gi takes revenge on behalf of victims who couldn’t get justice. He works for a private organization, Rainbow Taxi. The secret organization specializes in avenging victim. The drama follows a series of cases where they provide justice to the victims and punishment to the people who wronged them. Here are the top 10 unforgettable quotes from Taxi Driver.

1. I Won’t Succumb To Evil And Use My Methods To Win. I Will Collect All The Garbage Around Us And Quarantine Them From The Rest Of The World Forever. I’m Going To Reform Them.

Mr.Jang wanted to mitigate the evil. He wanted to punish those whom Law could not. He sympathized with the victims because he was a victim himself.

2. Some Of You Are Returning To Where You Came From. Some Are Embarking On A New Journey. And Some Are Leaving. But I Hope All Of You Will Find Happiness And Peace Wherever You Are.

Jang wishes every person from his secret organization a good life ahead. After working for the Rainbox Taxi Driver, he only hopes they are contained and find happiness.

3. She Has No Choice But To Hide, But She’s Fighting Against Herself To Come Out Again. Let’s Trust Her And Wait.

Someone who was abused physically and verbally finds it hard to fight back. It takes immense courage to overcome fear and fight back against the world. People like them gets eventually stronger.

4. Your Revenge Doesn’t End With Ruining The Life Of Your Enemy. When You Live Your Life All On Your Own As Yourself, That’s When Revenge Gets Completed.

Actual revenge is bringing the best in ourselves. When people finally live for themselves without thinking about their enemies, that’s when they get their revenge.

5. Even If You Lose 100 Guilty Criminals, Don’t Punish A Single Innocent Person, The Victims Of Those 100 Criminals. You Protected Them. Although It Meant Breaking The Law.

Breaking the Law is not always necessarily mean committing a crime. Sometimes people violate the Law to achieve justice for the victims.

6. Because They Didn’t Get To Live Their Full Lives, We Must Live It For Them Before We Leave. It Is Our Responsibility.

When our significant others die without fulfilling their dreams and aspirations, we should take the initiative and try to fulfill them. Then they will also feel at peace.

7. I Will Pay For My Crimes. But How Can You Pay For Your Crimes When The People You Are Indebted To Are No Longer Here.

If an individual did any wrong to someone, they should repent it while they are alive. It’s no use repenting when they aren’t even present in this earthly realm.

8. Whenever You Feel You Can’t Understand Why This Is Happening And Get So Angry That You Want To Cry, Think About All The Kids You Bullied. That’s Exactly How You Made Them Feel.

When a teen bullies his classmate for no reason, they do it without second thoughts. They don’t understand the gravity of the situation. They want to mock and hurt others. And that’s very wrong.

9. Now They Say That I’m Not The Killer. But Apparently, They Can’t Punish Anyone For It. Not The Detective Who Tortured Me To Get A Fake Confession, The Prosecutor Who Ignored Everything I Said, Or Even The Real Killer They Just Found. Who Will Compensate Me For The Years I Lost.

10. Perhaps What Reform Enables Is The Fear Of Inhumane Treatment You Will Receive. It Might Be Possible Because Of That Fear. However, Can We Truly Call It Reformation?

When someone tries to improve others by instilling fear, that’s not what we can call a real improvement. Improvement comes from punishing people rightly and understanding why they did a sure thing. It is to understand their perspective so they won’t commit similar crimes again.