Article: Top 10 Most Fashionable Japanese Actresses

Celebrities are all about setting trends. Be it in fashion or acting, they have to be at a tier above the rest. With competition booming amongst them, they are set against each other for the sake of publicity. But these stars take it all in with a pinch of salt and go above and beyond to make their fans proud. Their fashion sense is outstanding and curated around their looks and sometimes around the characters they play, and their fans are all in, publicizing their outfits and accessories. That being said, here are the Top 10 Most Fashionable Japanese Actresses.

1. Marie Iitoyo

Marie Iitoyo is a reputed actress and model born on January 5, 1990. Her career as an actress has skyrocketed with several notable works like Closest Love to Heaven, Boys Over Flowers and her current drama Love You As the World Ends. Her fashion style is elegant and classy, with a traditional approach.


2. Yuna Taira

Yuna Taira is a budding actress born on November 12, 1998. She debutted as an actress in the Japanese film I Wish when her grandmother made her audition for the role. She has made many appearances in the show R no Hōsoku of NHK Educational TV. She has starred in famous movies like One in a Hundred Thousand, Teen Bride, and Honey among others.


3. Mikako Tabe

This gorgeous diva began her career as a star in several Sailor Moon Musicals. Now a popular actress with roles in dramas and movies like Piece of Cake, Deka Wanko, Yasuko to Kenji and Kimi ni Todoke. She has won illustrious awards like the Haruko Sugimura Award and the Elan d'Or Awards' Rookie of the Year 2010 among others.


4. Tao Tsuchiya

This model comes from a line of celebrities, her brother Shimba and sister Honuka both from the entertainment industry. She debuted as the lead role in Mare, a drama serial on Japanese television. Her most notable work is playing two main characters Uran and Helena in an international touring theatre production.


5. Rola

Eri Sato, or Rola as she is called, is an internationally renowned actress for her role in the Resident Evil series. Also one of Japan's most followed celebrities on Instagram, this celebrity is also an activist for environmental causes and issues like animal welfare. She is an active runway model in fashion shows.


6. Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani is a reputed former news anchor. She has starred in several notable films which include the film Arakawa Under the Bridge, Heroine Shikkaku, Usagi Drop, and Kimi ni Todoke. She also is known to have played the lead role in the supernatural film Koisuru Vampire. This actress has impeccable outfit choices that she shows off on the red carpet.


7. Keiko Kitagawa

Keiko Kitagawa is best known for her role in the international franchise sequel Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Dubbed Newcomer of the Year by the Elan d'Or Awards 2015, this actress quit modeling when she decided to become a full-time actress but her sleek fashion sense has not left her, with fans still checking in to see her latest outfits.


8. Erika Toda

Dubbed Most Prominent 18-year-Old by an Oricon survey, this actress was born on 17 August 1988. She has starred in several notable films like Death Note, April Fools, and Code Blue among others. This prominent Japanese drama actress is adored by her fans for her glamorously chic fashion choices.


9. Tsubasa Honda

This reputed actress was reportedly in high demand on the very first day, with seven different agencies trying to scout her on the same day. She is known for her role as the lead female in the getsuku drama Koinaka. She has also starred in films like Fullmetal Alchemist, Weathering with you, and Color me true among others.


10. Kanna Hashimoto

Kanna Hashimoto is a former member of the girl group Rev. She is more famously known for starring in many live-action remakes of famous manga and anime series. This actress also has a quirky talent- she won a Guinness World Record for "the most tissues pulled from a tissue box under one minute" by pulling a whooping 157 sheets.