Article: Top 10 Most Expensive Japanese Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is that time of year where you drop everything else and comb through stores and sites for the perfect gift that will make your significant other happy. It is also that time of the year where everything available in the holiday colors of pink, red and purple is overpriced, even when there is no difference between that and the original product. Where does one search for truly exclusive gifts then, the ones that live up to the hype of their prices? The search is over. Without any further ado, here is a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Valentine Gifts in Japanese. Just don't blame us if your partner somehow gets a hand on this list!

1. Hatsukoi No Kaori Strawberries

You might want to reconsider buying those chocolate-covered strawberries after hearing about this one. This pale pink variety of strawberries- Hatsukoi no Kaori meaning “Fragrance of First Love”, is worth 1600 Yen per box of 12 strawberries. These were a special hybrid variety developed near Mount Fuji. So maybe don't dunk in it chocolate before giving it to your beloved!


2. Kanzashi Hairpin

Kanzashi hairpins are a historical icon and originated in Japan's Heian period.  These hairpins were used to pin up hair into an elaborate bun or other hairstyles and sometimes also used as a fatal weapon in self-defense. These sublime-looking accessories, usually costing $350 and above, have designs depending on the season, with the February design being ume blossoms of pink, red and white which represent young love.


3. Bâton D'or La Recotte Pocky

Pocky is an internet-famous hit, with any foreigner who is an anime fan knowing enough about it to tell you. These come in different special and exclusive flavors and are usually meant for adults, complimented by a glass of wine. The Bâton d'Or La Recotte Pocky is the most expensive, costing 130 yen per stick! These come in two flavors Walnut & Raspberry and Macadamia & Orange.


4. Ichiji Chocolate Bar

Ichiji Bean to Bar Chocolate is an exclusive and sophisticated store where customers have to handpick cacao beans to be used in their chocolate bars. Customers have an array of 12 types of chocolate to choose from, which originate from 4 countries and have three different, nuanced flavors. Each bar of chocolate costs ¥1400.


5. Mikimoto Comme Des Garçons Necklace

Want to buy your girlfriend an expensive piece of jewelry? It is well said that the way to a woman's heart is through shiny things! MIKIMOTO Comme des Garçons is a celebrated Japanese jeweler and perfume label for the finest of the fine. This label has elegant designs made with MIKIMOTO pearls starting at the price of $8,200.


6. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Want to gift your significant other the perfect set of flowers? A Japanese hybrid variety that was innovated by the research enterprise Shenzhen Nongke Group, this flower is completely man-made. Named the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, this flower was recently auctioned off for a whopping ¥1.68 million!


7. Taro Ishida Heels

Taro Ishida is a celebrated veteran Japanese actor who is the innovator of the famous shoe label Taro Ishida. With gorgeous and powerful designs that could steal the heart of any girl wearing them, your girlfriend is sure to be the Belle of the ball with these. The starting price of these creations is €2500 and above.


8. Isojiman Sake

For a bottle of wine to kickstart your date night with your significant other, we recommend the most expensive brand of sake in Japan, Isojiman. Curated with the highest and best quality sake rice, this brand is a must-have for enthusiasts of traditional Japanese rice wine. The name stands for "Pride of the seashore" and a bottle is said to cost about  ¥9.3 Million.


9. Bao Bao Issey Miyake Bags

Looking for a purse to make your girlfriend fall in love with you? The search is now over! Bao Bao Issey Miyake, a Japanese luxury brand label is known for its signature geometric design of triangles, present on every single product. These sleek designer bags start at the price of $1400.


10. Steiff Samurai Teddy

Valentine's Day isn't the same without a stuffed bear to gift your significant other with. It is almost common knowledge that the most expensive designer stuffed bears are handcrafted by the German label Steiff. Steiff recently launched an auction last December selling two kinds of limited-edition Samurai bears costing ¥125,000 each as a tribute to Japan! Not Valentine-themed, we know, but your girlfriend is bound to love them, especially if she is an otaku!