Article: Top 10 Badass Female Roles In Thai

For a long time, women were depicted as sensitive and naïve on the screen as they were always given the role of someone who always needed to be helped out by men, be it the entertainment industry of any country. But slowly, that thing started changing, and women were started giving the role of independent and strong women. And now the trend has changed entirely as females are given a badass role in which everyone is scared to get in a brawl with them. Many shows have also joined this trend and have shown a lot of strong female leads in their shows and movies. So, here are some badass female roles in Thai:

1. Princess Alice - The Crown Princess

Urassaya Sperbund will be always remembered for playing the iconic role of Princess Alice. She is shown as a person who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside, she knows how and when to fight her enemies. This drama aired in 2018 and shows perfectly what a badass female can do.


2. Rampapat- Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn

Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn is appreciated widely for its portrayal of its female lead in a strong way. Rampapat is about to take over her father’s film production company and because of her strong personality, everyone sees her as a devil. Pimchanok Luevisadp did complete justice to the character of Rampapat by her acting skills.


3. Risa- Plerng Nare

Plerng Nare is a popular lakorn that was released in 2016. Risa and her mother were treated badly by her father’s family and then they flew to some another but one day she decides to take revenge. Risa has a strong personality and is determined to achieve what she wants.


4. Sila- Khun Mae Suam Roy

Sila is determined to get her part in the fortune by hook or by crook for which she even turns up as her disabled elder twin. She is shown well at fencing as well which makes her character look even more badass. Khun Mae suam roy is an amazing show with a lot of amazing characters.


5. Ruthinark- Cubic

Cubic is a mafia show in which Ruthinark’s father is indebted by a mafia and in return he kidnaps Ruthinark. She is a strong person and does not give up in that situation. Ruthinark is the perfect presentation of how a person should behave whenever they get into trouble.


6. Kulay- Love At First Hate

Kluay is a popular actress and model and is not scared of the challenges she faces; she is always ready to tackle the situation. Love at first hate is a must-watch show with a unique storyline and different display of characters. It has one season and was released in 2018.


7. Prapai- Panthanak Rak

Prapai is another badass female lead in a show named Panthanak Rak that was aired in 2018. People are huge fans of this show and they also love the chemistry of the characters. Parpai is shown as a girl who is defiant and knows no limits.


8. Chaba- Thong Ake Mor Yah Chaloang

Released in the year 2019, Thong ake mor yah Chaloang is this story of Thong ake who dreams of becoming a doctor. Chaba is a fearless and tough girl who does not want to get involved in household works and rather prefers to fight with swords.


9. Nith- Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang

another 2019 show on our list is Khing Kor rar khar kor rang which has a character named Nith who is a journalist and is not afraid of anything. She has a strong personality and completely trusts her abilities.


10. Pitcha-Roy Leh Marnya

Pitcha is a strong and confident CEO who has the ability to handle the whole company on her own and she knows what she deserves. People are a little afraid of her but she has a personality that is envied by a lot of people.