Article: Top 10 Most Flirtatious Characters Played By Japanese Actors

Fans love a dashing main character that charms them into a stupor. It's no mystery that the fan-favorite character in any rom-com has to fulfill 3 basic requirements- they must be chivalrous, have a way with words, and, quite simply put, look the part. The demand for rom-coms has increased in startling amounts, with new stories and plot lines being created every other day. It seems like the most popular on-screen characters are almost always protagonists that have a romantic bone in them. Without any further ado, we present a list of the Top 10 Most Flirtatious Characters Played By Japanese Actors to satisfy your guilty pleasures. Enjoy!

1. Hiroto Fukami - Coffee And Vanilla

Coffee and Vanilla, based on the Hut manga series of the same name, is about Risa Shiragi, a shy high schooler reputed for her good looks. She falls in love with suave and mature Hiroto Fukami and gets into a relationship with him after he saves her from a stalker. Hiroto Fukami is played by Dori Sakurada who is a guaranteed heartstopper.


2. Domyouji Tsukasa - Hana Yori Dango

Based on the celebrated manga series, Boys Over Flowers has many remakes in countries like China and South Korea. It follows the high school experiences of Makino Tsukushi in a prestigious school for the rich. She constantly butts heads with Domyouji Tsukasa, leader of the F4 but then falls in love with him later on. Domyouji is played by charming actor Jun Matsumoto


3. Seijiro Ito - Ito Kun A To E

The Many Faces of Ito Kun follows the story of a romance writer who cons 4 different women into telling their love stories so she can use them for her story. The main love interest turns out to be Seijiro Ito, who is played by Masaki Okada in this interesting tale of falling in love with someone by hearsay alone.


4. Naoki Irie - Itazura Na Kiss

This story follows bumbling high schooler, Kotoko who moves in with Naoki, the guy who rejected her after her house gets destroyed. The cold male lead Naoki Irie who is soft only for Kotoko is played by Yuki Furukawa This show is based on the anime and manga series A Playful Kiss.


5. Tamaki Suoh - Ouran High School Club

This live action movie is based on the internationally popular anime and manga of the same name. Haruhi is forced to join a school for the elite after breaking an expensive vase. The main lead of this movie is Tamaki  Suoh who is forward and flirty towards her. Tamaki is played by Yusuke Yamamoto.


6. Shinichi Chiaki - Nodame Cantabile

Another movie based on a celebrated manga series, Nodame Cantabile is the story of a messy, disorganized Nodame who falls in love with strict and professional top student Chiaki and both help each other grow throughout their relationship. Chiaki is played by actor Hiroshi Tamaki.


7. Kairi Tendo - An Incurable Case Of Love

An Incurable Case of Love follows the story of Nanase who falls in love with Dr. Kairi Tendo but realizes his cold personality and decides otherwise. Watch as Kairi notices this young nurse and falls in love with her slowly throughout the series. Kairi is played by actor Takeru Satoh.


8. Shunichi Minami - My Little Lover

This show follows Chiyomi who brashly wishes she was a kid again when she runs out on her parents' argument in the rain. Now suddenly finding herself 15 cm tall, she must team up with her childhood friend Shunichi to get to the bottom of this. Shunichi Minami is played by actor Taishi Nakagawa.


9. Hisashi Uehara - Good Morning Call

When Nao moves into an apartment in the city, she finds herself as a roommate to none other than popular high school heartthrob Uehara. Based on the manga series of the same name, this show has Shunya Shiraishi playing the male lead Hisashi Uehara.


10. Seiichiro Karibe - Renai Mangaka

Seiichiro Karibe is a romance manga artist who needs to get a hit very soon. He meets Aiko Kuon on the day of her first love's funeral. He asks her to fake-date him to get a better plot for his new manga. Mild-mannered heartthrob Seiichiro is played by actor Ryohai Suzuki in this adorable drama.