Article: Top 10 Unforgettable Quotes From Misaeng

‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life’ is one of the highest-rating slice-of-life Korean Dramas of 2014. The drama showcases the life of an intern with no skills or degree. He has played Baduk his entire life but couldn’t get selected. He gets hired at a reputed company through connections. He does his best, but his lack of skills always hinders his path. The drama showcases the struggle and obstacles every intern have to face before becoming a permanent employee. Siwan, with his innocent face, has won the viewer’s hearts. He successfully portrayed the character showing how he has to do menial jobs to make a living. Here are the top 10 unforgettable quotes from Misaeng: The Incomplete Life.

1. He’s Blaming Himself. Most Mistakes End Up Regretted And Get Forgotten, But That’s Not Always The Case. Some Mistakes Haunt You Forever; You Can’t Forget Them Nor Reverse Them. He’s Tormenting Himself.

Some people are hard on themselves. They try not to make any mistakes, but when they do, they take it all on themselves. Their conscience self blames them forever.

2. Courage Is Not Only Characterized By Readily Jumping Into Risky Situations. Avoiding These Situations And Silently Going On Your Path Requires Courage Too.

Life is full of dramatic events, and everyone wants to listen to the latest gossip. However, it is only the bravest who can cross every obstacle and go onto their path.

3. It’s Scarier To Know We Live In A World Where False Hopes And Irresponsible Consolation Have Been Given Since There Are So Many People Who Are Desperate For That False Hope At Least.

Life is scary when there are no hopes for what we can expect in the next moment. It is dangerous when people don’t know if their hope is reasonable or unreasonable.

4. You Know, The People You Meet Can Change Your Life.

There is a variety of people in this world. Our future depends on whom we allow in our life. If we meet a drug addict, we can turn out like that, and if we encounter a bookworm we will become like that. The company matters a lot in how an individual behaves with another individual.

5. Even If You Think You Won’t Make It, Fight To The End. In Life, There Are Many Things You Start Even If You Know The Predetermined End.

People should not be afraid of failures and rejections. They should keep trying till the end. Without being worried about what the future will be, they should fight back.

6. Just Because You Lose Track Of A Dream Doesn't Imply It No Longer Exists. In A Similar Vein, Just Because You Can't See A Road Doesn't Imply It Doesn't. Just Because Someone Couldn’t Achieve Their Dreams Doesn’t Mean It Ended. People Can Always Try To Pursue It. There Are Always Chances.

7. A Walkway Serves More Purposes Than Just Walking. Its Goal Is To Help One Advance And Become Better. A Route That Doesn't Accomplish This Is Not A Route. Everyone Is Welcome To Use The Path, But Anyone Can Walk It.

Everyone has their predestined path in life. It’s up to them to follow this path or deviate from them. People succeed in the choices they make.

8. If You Want To Win, Your Body Should Be Able To Withstand The Challenges. Will Power Is Nothing Much Without Your Physical Health.

While working, every employee should look after their health first. If they are physically healthy, they will be able to withstand anything. But if they lack energy, they will find it hard to work.

9. Sometimes When You Lose In Go, You Wonder What All The Moves Were. When You Lose, Everything Seems Useless. But When You Win By A Move, You Are Grateful To All The Stones That Enable You To Make That Important Move And Claim Victory.

When we lose, life feels utterly miserable, but when we win, we are just humble and grateful.

10. Doing Your Best In Every Moment Makes That Important Move And Consequent Victory Possible. If You Forget The Significance Of Each Moment, You Lose Sight Of The Whole Game.

While working toward one’s dream and aspiration, people should have determination from the beginning. Otherwise, they can lose everything they have worked for.