Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Who Are Fans Of Taemin

It is no secret that Taemin is a K-pop legend with his phenomenal dancing. Taemin is a member of the iconic boy group Shinee and SuperM. He debuted as a solo artist in 2016 with the iconic song Danger. Taemin has established himself as a special soloist with his experimenting style. His style is recognizable from a mile, with unique vocals and dance. Taemin experiments and explores different concepts and styles with his solo songs and albums. With songs like Move, Criminal, Idea, and Want, Taemin took the world and the K-pop industry by storm. With his out-of-the-box concepts, bold clothes, and captivating dance, Taemin always stuns fans with his creativity. Fans are not the only ones captivated by Taemin, as many K-pop idols idolize him and are just as much of a fan as everyone else. Taemin also got the name Idol of all Idols because he is the role model and idol for many K-pop idols. Here are ten K-pop idols who are big Taemin fans.

1. Hoshi

Hoshi from Seventeen is one of the biggest fans of Taemin. The idol said that Shinee was his inspiration to become an idol. He always talks about how much he loves Shinee. Hoshi is famous for being one of the most successful fans as he went from idolizing them to having many interactions with Taemin and Shinee. Hoshi has now filmed many dances with Taemin for both their songs and recently even filmed an episode of a show together. Taemin recently spoke about their friendship and even picked him as the most promising K-pop junior.

2. Taehyun

TXT member Taehyun is also one of the biggest Taemin fans in K-pop. The singer said he got inspired to become an idol after watching Shinee and their iconic debut song, Replay. Taehyun once said that Taemin is God to him, which shows how much of a fan he is. Taehyun even wrote a letter for Taemin and asked his bandmate MC Soobin to give to Taemin during promotions. When they met during Music Bank, Taehyun giddily fanboyed as he interacted with his idol Taemin and even got a signed album.

3. Chani

Chani from SF9 is also known for being a successful Taemin fanboy. Chani is a longtime fan of Taemin, who fanboyed on Twitter after meeting him in 2016. He was in an Idol Room episode where other idol fans of Taemin competed and won the competition. Chani won a t-shirt and even got Taemin's phone number. During his survival show Kingdom, Chani spoke about how Taemin encouraged and gave advice about SF9 performing his song Move.

4. Yujin

ZEROBASEONE maknae Han Yujin is a new K-pop idol who is a massive fan of Taemin. During the show Boys Planet, Yujin mentioned Taemin as his role model in his profile. He recently went on a show where junior idols anonymously spoke to a senior, not knowing it was their favorite, Taemin. When asked, Yujin called Taemin his role model instantly. When Taemin revealed himself, Yujin was shocked at seeing his role model in front of him. He went from mentioning his role model to dancing with his role model, as he later filmed the Guilty challenge with Taemin.

5. Hyeongseop

Hyeongseop from Tempest is a huge Taemin fan and has often expressed how much he idolized him. Recently, the idol went on a show where junior idols must find out the secret senior K-pop idol as they all text in a group chat. He expressed how Taemin was his role model without knowing that he was talking to Taemin himself. The fanboy once even wrote a letter to Taemin. Fans loved how Hyeongseop fell out of his chair in shock when he saw Taemin beside him.

6. Allen

Cravity member Allen is a big Taemin and Shinee fan. During an interview, Allen said that Taemin was the reason he wanted to become a K-pop idol and that Shinee was his role model. His dream came true when Allen met Taemin for the first time at the KPOP LUX x SBS Super Concert. He could not talk to Taemin, but Allen took his chance at KCON 2023, where he was adorably starstruck to be near Taemin, and took a chance to tell him how big of a Taemin fan he was.

7. Haechan

Haechan from NCT is another successful fan of Taemin and Shinee. The idol has always said that he looks up to Shinee, and they were the group that inspired him to become a K-pop idol. Haechan said that he loved Taemin since their debut Replay and that Taemin was his role model. During an interview with Eric Nam, Haechan confessed that it felt unbelievable for him to meet Taemin. He was shy and awestruck around Taemin when he shot a dance tutorial with Taemin for his song Idea.

8. Fuma

&Team member Fuma is another younger idol whose role model is Taemin. Fuma even carries a Taemin photocard in his phone case like the ultimate fanboy. Fuma became a successful fanboy when he participated in a show where younger idols find the older artist in a chat, not knowing it was Taemin. Fuma confessed that he loved and respected Taemin more than anyone else and would not be an artist if it was not for Taemin.

9. Sungho

BOYNEXTDOOR member Sungho is another fan who has always admired Taemin, even before his debut. He had a big fanboy moment when he participated in a show where young rookie idols tried to find the secret senior in a group chat. When it turned out to be Taemin, Sungho exclaimed his surprise. Fans called him a successful fanboy after he did the Guilty challenge with his role model, Taemin.

10. Jehyun

Jehyun from Omega X is an avid Taemin fan who has admitted that he looks up to Taemin. During an interview, the idol said that Shinee member Taemin was his role model. Jehyun confessed that he wanted to get recognized for his performances as Taemin did. Jehyun once also said he would love to collaborate with Taemin one day. The idol recently covered the song Black Rose by Taemin.