Article: Top 10 Most Followed Thai BL Actors On Instagram

The Thai BL industry has risen in popularity in the last few years. Thai BL actors are not only known for their acting and chemistry with their co-stars but are some of the most notoriously handsome people who steal hearts every time they are on-screen and even off-screen. Thai BL actors are a few of the most well-known actors in the BL industry and have been in different shows and various events, where they charmed fans with their visuals and talent. It is not easy to be one of the most well- actors in an industry fabulous of talent. A few Thai BL actors went viral and became famous because of their talent and skills, captivating visuals, and incredible chemistry with others, especially on social media. Over the years, Thai BL actors have gained massive popularity on various social media. Instagram is one platform where you can see how famous these actors are, where they communicate with their fans and update them about their lives. Here are ten of the most followed Thai BL actors on Instagram.

1. Bright

Bright Vachirawit Chivaree is one of the most famous Thai celebrities currently. He is a 25-year multi-talented actor, model, singer and owns a clothing brand. He stole hearts with his breakout role as the tsundere Sarawat in the BL 2gether, and his popularity immediately skyrocketed as fans loved his visuals and his chemistry with co-actor Win Metawin. Fans instantly loved Bright for his acting and visuals. He also models for luxury brands and is very popular in fashion for his style. He is the most followed Thai BL actor on Instagram, with 18.6 million followers who adore him.

2. Win Metawin

Win Metawin is a famous BL actor under GMMTV who rose to fame and captured the hearts of many with his role as Tine in the BL series 2gether. He instantly became a hit among fans with his acting and visuals. Win became popular on social media for his looks and chemistry with Bright Vachirawit. Win is famous for being a fashionista who is one of the ambassadors of Prada. With his impeccable fashion, Win often attends events with other popular celebrities and K-pop idols. He is very famous on Instagram, with 14.5 million followers.

3. Gun Atthaphan

Gun Atthaphan is a very famous Thai BL actor and singer under GMMTV. The actor is trendy among BL fans and gained the attention of many with his roles in the BL shows Puppy Honey, Theory Of Love, and Not Me. Gun Atthaphan is known for his cute and stunning visuals and top-notch fashion. The gun is popular on social media for his incredible acting and chemistry with co-actor Off Jumpol. He is well-known on Instagram for his experimental and fun fashion. Gun has 6.2 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most followed Thai BL actors.

4. Tay Tawan

Tay Tawan is a multi-talented Thai BL actor and singer famous on social media. Tay Tawan is best known for his roles in the Blow Dark Blue Kiss, where his chemistry with co-actor New Thitipoom gained massive popularity. Tay Tawan is known for being very active on Instagram. He regularly updates fans and interacts with fellow actors. Tay is famous on Instagram for his striking visuals that fans love and his photography. With 5.7 million followers on Instagram, he is one of the most famous Thai BL actors.

5. Nanon Korapat

Nanon Korapat is a multi-talented Thai actor and musician who gained the attention of many with his various talents and charming visuals. Nanon was always known as a talented actor, but his popularity rose with his BL show Bad Buddy. Fans instantly were in awe of his acting and chemistry with co-actor Ohm Pawat. Nanon stole hearts with his incredible talent and is famous on social media. He has 5.1 million followers on Instagram who love him for his music, acting, and charming dimpled smile.

6. Ohm Pawat

Ohm Pawat is a famous Thai BL actor known for his diverse talents as an actor, musician, and model. Working in GMMTV, Ohm Pawat acted in various shows before his breakthrough performance in the BL series Bad Buddy. He gained massive popularity for being a top-notch actor since his debut. He stuns fans with his incredible acting and chemistry with co-actors.  Ohm is very famous on Instagram for his fitness and his handsome looks. He is one of the most popular Thai BL actors on Instagram and has a following of 4.7 million.

7. Off Jumpol

Off Jumpol is one of the most popular Thai BL actors and is a talented actor and singer. The GMMTV star is a well-known BL actor and gained popularity because of his great acting and icy and sharp visuals. With BL shows like Theory of Love and Not Me, Off is now one of the most famous Thai BL actors, and his chemistry with co-actor Gun Atthaphan is well-loved by fans. Off Jumpol is famous on Instagram with 4.5 million followers and is known for being interactive and funny with his co-actors Gun Atthaphan, Tay Tawan, and New Thitipoom.

8. New Thitipoom

New Thitipoom is very well-known among BL fans for being a talented and handsome actor. The Thai BL actor is famously known for his role in the show Kiss Me Again, where he partnered up with Tay Tawan. The two went viral because of the acting and chemistry and later starred in their spin-off Dark Blue Kiss. With the show being a big hit, New became very popular among BL fans and is famous on social media, with 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

9. PP Krit

PP Krit is a famous multi-talented actor, singer, and model and has his own entertainment company. With his groundbreaking role as Oh-new in the incredible BL show I Told The Sunset About You, PP Krit became very popular among fans and on social media as fans praised him for his acting skills. PP Krit is not only a talented actor but also a fantastic singer. He is also very famous on social media for his top-notch fashion and has 4 million followers on Instagram.

10. Mew Suppasit

Mew Suppasit is a Thai actor, singer, and producer known for his diverse talents and handsome looks. Mew became very popular with his charming visuals and, with his role as Tharn in the popular BL TharnType: The Series, Mew became very popular among fans. Fans loved his chemistry with co-actor Gulf Kanawat. He recently even collaborated with K-pop idol Suho from EXO. Mew is very famous on Instagram, with 5.8 million followers.