Article: Top 10 Works Of Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee

Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee is a multifaceted talent hailing from Thailand, renowned for his skills as an actor, model, and rising star in the world of entertainment. His journey into the limelight commenced in 2016 when he took on the pivotal role of Frame in the MCOT HD series, "Make It Right." However, it was in 2021 that Ohm's star truly ascended, thanks to his captivating portrayal in the top-rated BL drama, "Bad Buddy," where he shared the screen with the Korapat Kirdpan. With such a diverse range of accomplishments, Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee is a name that cannot be overlooked in the ever-evolving entertainment world. Therefore, here we have a compilation of his top ten works.

1. Bad Buddy

“From two people who can’t be friends, without knowing it, we became two people who can’t be just friends.” This Thai series, which tells the story of Pat and Pran, provided a very accurate depiction of this idea. It is one of the very few series where the chemistry skyrockets like anything. Pawat plays the role of Pat and is one of the best walking green flags the BL industry ever had.

2. He Is Coming To Me

The most captivating aspect of this drama is its storyline, which has you eagerly anticipating the following episode as soon as each one concludes. Pawat did an authentic job portraying Thun. Mes and Thun's relationship was depicted as being highly understanding of one another and having excellent communication, which I found to be appealing.

3. Make It Right

Fun fact, Make It Right is Ohm Pawat’s debut. Despite this being his first major work, he still aced his role as Frame. This is a show that can be recommended to teenagers since it deals with the rollercoaster of emotions a teen feels - from getting confused about one’s sexual orientation to awkward confession of feelings to another one.

4. War Of High School

An extraordinary choice is made in a  convent school for females only: boys are admitted for the first time. The dramatic shift in the school's dynamics causes a tumultuous storm among the female students. A  mystery surrounds the sudden death of a student named Jessica deep within the holy walls, casting a spooky shadow over the entire institution. In the middle of all this chaos stands Pound, who is played by none other than Pawat.

5. An Eye For An Eye

"An Eye For An Eye" tells the story of a family whose head dies suddenly, leaving the other members to wonder who is responsible. This leads to suspicions among the family members, a family argument, and even the emergence of an illicit romance between two members. Ohm played the role of Nawa here, and although it was a support role, his acting could still mark his presence in it.

6. The Shipper

I've always liked well-written series with lots of twists and inspirational life teachings. That's precisely what the Shipper does.  It's a sentimental romantic comedy series with surprising story turns. Though the plot may appear bizarre at first, the actors' natural acting prevents this from being the case. Ohm takes over the role of Khett in this series. You will begin to wonder if Ohm is actually Khett and not Ohm, I promise.

7. My Precious

Tong and his friends are all madly in love with the same girl, Lin. Because of his misbehavior, Tong is required to be watched by another student. His school life transforms as he learns, plays, and discovers his first love. Wait, were you missing Nanon and Ohm being together on the screen? Then this movie is surely for you, as Nanon takes the main role of Tong and Ohm plays Dong.

8. Double Savage

Li, Pakorn, and Pawin—who were siblings raised in a Chinese trading family—face a turning point in their relationship when a fateful romance and a criminal entanglement test their bond and result in a savage conflict between an outlaw and a rookie police officer. Pawat plays the role of Pakorn. Pakorn instantly won my heart. I was very sympathetic to him because he struggled to receive the same level of love from his parents as his siblings did. It is a very small relatable aspect, so you can give this a shot.

9. 10 Years Ticket

The plot of the story is intriguing for sure, but it is complex like a ball of yarn. It is very difficult to estrange one thread from another, so it’s better not to limit the plot line to one sentence. However, if you are a fan of Ohm, go for this one. Here, we see him in the main role, along with F4 Thailand famed actress Tu, so the combination is lovely indeed.

10. Our Skyy 2

“But I want to see Nanon and Ohm as that dashing couple again on the screen!” Well, fret not. GMMTV heard our prayers as Pat and Pran came back to the screen with their hot chemistry yet adorable moments. Our Skyy 2 is a compilation of all famous BL couples, so if you want to see this for Ohm, you will get more amazing actors on the way too!