Article: Ten Famous Korean Affairs

We love to put together our favourite actors and celebrities. When they do get together those fans are the happiest who were wishing for it to happen. It's always fun to see people you admire fall in love. We have with us a list of 10 Famous Korean affairs that were the talk of the town.

1. Lee Byung-Hun And Lee Min-Jung

The two actors are as much in love as anything, their relationship is loved by all, and they have been together for a while now. After dating for a few years, the two got married and are living a happy life together. The couple has been married for four years and still acts like newlyweds. Isn't that the sweetest thing!


2. Jan Hye-Jin And Ki Sung-Yueng

Ki Seung-Yeong is a popular soccer player who has played for South Korea's national soccer team. He married actress Jan Hye-jin in 2013, and they also have a daughter together. The couple was in the limelight because of their affair when it came out in public.


3. Seo Tae-Ji And Lee Eun-Sung

Seo Tae Ji was involved in a controversy after his first marriage ended. However, he recently fell in love again and got married to actress Lee Eun-sung and welcomed a baby girl together.


4. Baek Ji-Young And Jang Suk-Won

This famous couple fell in love and got married in 2013, and welcomed a daughter in 2017. Jang Suk-won was arrested in 2018 on charges of possession of drugs and was sentenced to ten months of prison. The couple stayed together through thick and thin and always keep supporting each other.


5. Haha And Byul

Their love story is one of the sweetest. Their love for each other is visible even after so many years. They have two children, and Byul is pregnant with the third one. The couple is very famous in Korea as they both are famous singers as well.


6. Rain And Kim Tae Hee

Famous singer Rain's relationship was a hot topic in Korean media. He fell in love with his now-wife, Kim Tae Hee, and got married in 2017. Their first child was born in 2017 and they had another child in 2019. They are loved by all in Korea.


7. Park Shin-Hye And Choi Tae Joon

The actors have been together since 2018, when their relationship was revealed in public. They have been going strong since then. They also belonged to the same college where Park Shin-Hye was the senior of Choi Tae Joon.


8. Shin Min-Ah And Kim Woo Bin

The two met on an editorial shoot in 2015 and have been inseparable since then. They have gone through some tough times together, with Kim Woo Bin battling cancer. They are still going strong.


9. Gummy And Jo Jung Suk

The couple has stayed by each other's side for eight years now. They are happily married and even have a baby girl together. They are a loved couple in Korea, and their relationship is undoubtedly beautiful.


10. Lee Hyeri And Ryu Jun Yeol

This beautiful couple has been together since 2017. They met onscreen and played each other’s love interests onscreen. They slowly fell in love offscreen as well.  Putting the breakup rumours at rest, the couple recently showed pictures of them hanging out together. We hope they stay together forever!