Article: Touching Chinese Dramas That Highlight Unbreakable Friendships

Chinese dramas about slice-of-life dramas always stood out to me, showcasing everyday life and mainly focusing on deep friendships. These Chinese dramas are about true friendship which is very genuine and these dramas breathe life into this motif. If you want to watch Chinese dramas about friendship that capture the evolution of these beautiful friendships, these are a perfect match for you. Here is a list of touching Chinese dramas that highlight unbreakable friendships.

1. The White Castle

It is a medical drama released in 2023, directed by Vincent Yang. Wang Yang Ming on the eve of graduation took reversing Heart failure as a mission. He disagreed in a medical experiment with his superior and decided to switch to clinical practice from scientific research. He joins Ruiren Hospital’s emergency department. He tools risks, treats stroke patients, and rescues heat stroke migrant workers. The ward has a group called four masters of emergency medicine, which he is a part of.

2. Just An Encore

It is a youth romance drama released in 2019, starring Jiang Zhou Jun, Ding Yu Xi, Chen Xun, and Zhu Dan Ni. Yan Ze is an ordinary high school student secretly in love with Ji Xiao, her desk-mate. He is handsome and also a top student. Yan Ze is not particularly beautiful, nor is her grades well. Her adopted sister, Gu Xi Ye, is an outstanding student and very beautiful. She always feels like her shadow. When she finds that her crush might like her sister, her negative emotions towards her only become more assertive. Xi Ye has always envied her.

3. Flourish In Time

It is a youth drama released in 2021 by Jiang Jin Lin, starring Ancy Deng and Zhang Ling He. Lu Miao and Jiang Hao Yue are childhood friends who grew up like brother and sister always having each other's back. She protected him from bullying for his disability, and he helped her with schoolwork. When she enters high school making new friends, she realizes that her feelings for him are more than that for a sibling. After Shi Che’s arrival, it brought a solid unease for Jiang Hao Yue.

4. So Funny Youth

It is a comedy youth drama released in 2022, starring He Yu, Chen Yi Xin, Li Jia Hao, and Niu Ze Meng. The story is about five girls and boys who live on the old street of Junma Road. They all went to the same high school and grew up together. Zhang Xiao Ran is a stubborn girl and has four best friends: Xiang Nan is a kind-hearted sunny girl, Zhu Cheng Hai is an academic genius who lives across the street, Zhou Rui is quiet but handsome and her nephew who is one year older, and Lin Tao is a happy pill loved by everyone.

5. Crossroad Bistro

It is a romance drama released in 2021, starring Drolma Suijun, Chuan Ni, Gina Jin, Lan Ying Ying, and Wang Luo Dan. The story is about five women who open Bei Zhe Nan Yuan, a restaurant in Beijing. In the process, they attain love and maturity. You Shan Shan is the biggest shareholder in the restaurant who single-handedly brought her best girlfriends together. Dai Xiao Yu has returned from overseas and Bao Xue is an optimistic actress, they are cousins. Si Meng is a housewife, and Feng Xi goes to Beijing for love.

6. When We Were Young

It is a nostalgic story which during the year 1996, revolves around high school students. Yang Xi while chasing down a bike thief gets injured by a lab explosion, which makes her unable to compete in the long run. When the school reopened she found Hua Biao, the culprit was transferred to her class. He also took her position as her class president. He is rash, hot-blooded, and a genius in the science department. He proves himself to be accepted by everyone in the class.

7. In A Class Of Her Own

It is a historical romance drama released in 2020, directed by Zhi Lei, starring Wang Rui Chang, Bi Wen Jun, Song Wei Long, and Ju Jing Yi. Xue Wen Xi comes from a low-income family and becomes a writer pretending to be a boy. The Prime Minister’s son being impressed by her work forces her to enroll in an all-boys school. She becomes friends with three other fellow scholars, the Yun Shang Quartet. Even though she fears about her secret being exposed, she thrives at school.

8. Litter To Glitter

It is a romance drama released in 2021, directed by Chen Chang, starring Wang Yan Lin, Cheng Xiao Meng, Xiong Zi Qi, Li Jia Qi, and Zhang Yi Chi. Three college roommates Hu Yan Zu, an actor, Yuan Zhi Jie, a freelance screenwriter, and Fang Tian Yi, an inn owner, dream about making movies. They are raising funds for their film while working to hone their skills. Both their firm-making dream and the operations of the inn are facing challenges.

9. Never Grow Old

Never Grow Old is a youth drama released in 2022, directed by Gao Xi Xi and Du Lin, starring Guo Jun Chen and Ren Min. The story is set in the 90s and is about the Xiaoji Neighborhood and different generations of people growing and supporting each other. They learn about friendship, love, and family even if they all have a trivial and everyday life.

10. Forever Love

Lin Xin Tong is the Li group's young heiress. She is cheerful, beautiful, straightforward, and intelligent. She also has a devoted boyfriend, Chi Shan. When she goes through family changes, she has to become stronger to face not only adversity but also her boyfriend's betrayal of Xia Yu Wei, her so-called best friend. Xia is jealous of her and wants to steal everything from her. Qin Mo Yao is a medical student who succeeded in everything he does. He is sharp, handsome, and will do anything to protect her.