Article: Top 10 Martial Arts Movies

Martial Arts is a traditional sports form with no specific country of origin. It consists of various types, like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Judo, Karate, Mixed Martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, etc. This form is many reasons to practice for personal and national benefits, such as self-defense, national security (military), and physical and mental balance. Martial Arts has traveled a long way since ancient periods by the legends. Each type has different techniques and styles under the names of great practitioners. And all these facts are portrayed through the entertainment medium with crime, humor, action, adventure, and sci-fi-like genres. At first look, you might find every art form the same, but there lie many differences with a few similarities.

1. The Matrix-1999

It is a story of a Computer programmer, Neo. He is fighting against the computers and the created system- Matrix. Though it's a science fiction movie, it has various fighting scenes and is all related to the martial arts Kung Fu style. All the fights are named separately in the film. Not sticking to the sci-fi plot, it is also a great martial arts film.

2. Kung Fu Hustle- 2004

Kung Fu Hustle is one of the high-rating movies about the Kung Fu martial art, which does not have a serious tone or mode. It is an action-comedy movie with the most fighting scenes, yet realistic in its way. It also teaches a lot about art and discipline. A gang tries to terrorize the neighborhood, pretending to be the members of Axe Gang. The action begins when martial arts professionals in the complex raise their skills back.

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- 2000

Crouching Tiger has received the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Movie by Ang Lee, the director who won two Academy Awards for Best Directing for his other hits. The movie is set during the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century and talks about a stolen sword and love. More of it is an action fairy tale.

4. Ip Man- 2008, 2010, 2015, 2019

Ip Man is a Hong Kong martial arts film series inspired by the life events of Ip Man. Ip/Yip Man was one of the prominent practitioners of the Wing Chun Kung Fu style created by Wung Mui during the Qing Dynasty. The Ip man film series concludes overall with five films with different themes. The initial Ip movies cover a little of China's post-war and Japanese invasion periods.

5. Enter The Dragon- 1973

Enter the Dragon has used Shaolin Kung Fu art, a martial art form, including many fights and tournaments. This art enacted in the film is by Bruce Lee, actor, martial artist, instructor, and filmmaker. Lee's role is to help the British intelligence agent investigate a criminal named Han at a tournament held on Han's private island.

6. Once Upon A Time In China- 1991

Wong Fei-hung, a Chinese martial artist and physician, was highly admired for his skills and practice. He is to-date, remembered by the films and series based on his real life, and somewhat fictionalized. This Hong Kong film has fice more movies ahead, whereas 1991 is about a martial arts school collaborating with the Chinese military to fight back foreign forces.

7. Drunken Master- 1994

The Legend of Drunken Master, also known as Drunken Master 2, is a Hong Kong martial art (Kung-Fu) film. It stars our beloved Jackie Chan, rolling as Wong Fei-hung in the movie, who is trying to fight the smugglers stealing the artifacts out of China. As we read earlier about how the public admired Wong Fei-hung for his skills, we also celebrate Jackie Chan as a famous martial arts actor who won an Honorary Oscar Award.

8. The Raid- 2011

Set in Jakarta, The Raid, is an action film about the officers and the raid to arrest a crime lord and his gang. This film follows a sequel released in 2014, and both project the traditional Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat, choreographed by Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian.

9. Police Story-1985

Jackie Chan, a Hong Kong police officer, has arrested a drug dealer and is protecting the only witness who will testify in court. The Police Story film series follows in all seven movies- three sequels, two spin-offs, and two reboots.

10. Hero – 2002

The Qin Empire with China plans to conquer 6 kingdoms, making a King’s life in threat. How the King is saved by a person, killing the assassins forms the story. Jet Li played the lead role in Hero, which made a successful run at the box office in 2002.