Article: 10 Romantic Japanese Dramas To Binge watch

Romance is the crown of Japanese dramas. If you are in the mood to spoil yourself with swoon-worthy couples and charming characters, then these dramas are meant for you. The scenes in these dramas will make your heart skip a beat. The series consists of crimes, action, comedy, and not just romance. These

dramas will make you shed some tears, but that will be worth it. These stories will make you believe in love again.

1. Norwegian Wood

The series is about the male protagonist reminiscing about schooland his lovers. He is close to Naoko in high school because oftheir shared personal loss. She is attracted to Midori, who isflirtatious and quirky but has a dark secret.

2. Your Lie In April

The story is about a brilliant pianist, unable to play the pianoagain after the death of his mother. The pianist's childhood friendhelps to overcome his trauma, and it takes a romantic turn.

3. Let Me Eat Your Pancreas

The series starts with a student discovering that a girl from herclass was diagnosed with pancreatic disease. As romanceblooms between the two people, the girl passes away.

4. Hanamizuki

The series is about a young girl trying to maintain her long-distance relationship with a fisherman. The couples struggle tostay close to each other. But after many years, they are surprised.

5. Love Generation

The series is about a man working as a creative in a company. Hegets transferred to the sales department. Riko helps him to getsettled in the new environment. Riko develops feelings for him.But he runs into his ex-girlfriend, and Riko tries to help him moveon. As he develops feelings for Riko, his ex-girlfriend tries to get back into his life.

6. Kimi Ni Todoke

The Japanese drama is about a girl, feared by her classmatesbecause she resembles the ghost from the movie Ring.Meanwhile, the popular boy in the school falls for her.

7. Tonight At The Movies

The series is about a princess who comes to life from an old filmto help a director and film fan achieve their dreams. The serieswill keep the audiences entertained with its plot twists.

8. Strobe Edge

The series is about a kind girl falling for a popular boy in schoolwith a long-term girlfriend. The girl is approachable, but the boyhas an unpleasant personality.

9. Love And Lies

The story is about a love triangle between one girl and two boys.The government tries to match the DNA of men and women tobattle the low birthrate.

10. Drowning Love

The story is about a model tired of his monotonous lifestyle andshifting to a rural town. He meets the son of the priests and falls inlove. The story is about the frustrations of being a teenager.