Article: 10 Worst Controversies In Japan

Japan is a country where manners and politeness can take you a long way. However, certain controversies shake the core of the nations and make you rethink your stances on people who you thought were your idols. Here is a list of 10 worst Controversies in Japan.

1. Tatsuya Yamaguchi

In a breakthrough #metoo movement case, a popular singer and television personality who was also a part of a popular Japanese pop band in the 90s was exposed of his heinous crime towards a little girl. He tried to forcibly kiss a high school girl. He has since left the band and the band has severed their connection with him. It is a new step in the feminist wave in Japan.


2. Minami Minegishi

This is not a big controversy; however, it was considered a big one in the cultural syntax of Japan. Minami Minegishi was a part of J-Pop band AKB48. She made headlines when she appeared on television giving a teary apology to her fans in 2013. Her crime? She broke a strict rule of her band, she had a secret boyfriend. For J-Pop idols, it is considered important to be loyal to their fans and hence her fans were really upset with this information. She even shaved her head for the apology.


3. Lies About Weather In Olympics

Japanese authorities claimed that the weather was perfect for the games. That it would be sunny and bright and likely conditions for the games. However, it was a lie as the weather tuned out to be gloomy and not suitable for many games.


4. Yasukuni Shrine

This is a decade long controversy that refuses to settle down, the shrine is seen as a symbol of Japan’s past right-wing politics by its neighbouring countries, China, South Korea. Recently a popular Chinese actor visiting the shrine sparked an uproar in China where he was boycotted by people for hurting their sentiments.


5. Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z was caught in a racism scandal back in 2015 which dearly costed them their career. The band tweeted a photo backstage of the band’s performance. The band decided to do blackface. This phenomenon is not that big in Japan, however there was an uproar in Western countries and the band had to cancel their shows because of the outrage.


6. Yusuke Iseya

A popular and established actor, Yusuke Iseya is somewhat of a classic actor in Japan. It was a shock to many when he was caught in a drug scandal. During police raid at this house, the police found Marijuana in a large quantity. The actor was sentenced for one year.


7. Noriyuki Makihara

Makihara Nokriyuki is a popular singer and songwriter who was involved in a drug case. He was sentenced to two years in prison and was also suspended for three years for drug use.


8. Noriko Sakai

She was involved in a drug case for which she had to spend Eighteen months in prison and was also given three years suspension. It was sad news for her fans and her reputation too took a massive hit during the time.


9. Pierre Taki

Pierre Taki is part of a Techno pop band consisting of two people. He admitted on using cocaine in Tokyo in 2019. He was detained for this and currently waits for trial.


10. Hiroki Narimiya

A magazine put allegations on him regarding drug abuse which were denied by him and his agency. After the controversy, he decided to retire from the entertainment industry citing personal reasons. These allegations were proven false later on.