Article: Top 10 Breakup Songs In Chinese

When a heartbreak sounds precisely like these top 10 breakup songs #newlysingle

Want to vent out your frustration and feeling of loneliness? Is it a Heart Break? Or forever Single loneliness? It’s time to Heal.

Breakup songs tend to be called sad songs, but some listen to these songs to gain courage. Not just those who had breakups but also the forever singles search for such songs. Love is not easy to forget. Well, if you are missing someone wholeheartedly, want to vent out your emotions into tears, or try to move on with the help of some music, here are some top-listed, all-time favorable songs. They will undoubtedly join your loneliness and support you to move on. The heartbeats of the song can match yours.

1. ‘Ten Years’ By Eason Chan

(Remembering our long-lost love)

十年 (Shi Nian) A 2003 released gem by Eason Chan is touching the hearts and connecting the story with their past. The title Ten Years said for itself. The song is about the relationship they had Ten years ago, reconnecting after ten years but just as friends. The lyrics- Lovers eventually end up being friends, themes up the song by describing to the audience the journey of Ten Years- From ‘shedding tears as a lover to saying friendship “Hellos".


2. ‘Endless Love’ By Jackie Chan & Kim Hee-Sun

(Wishing for never changing love)

無盡的愛 (Wujin De Ai) Something’s odd if you don’t know Jackie Chan. Endless love is a theme song of his movie ‘The Myth’ for which Jackie strings up his voice for such a beautiful and romantic song. This song is a fusion of the Mandarin lyrical part by Jackie and the Korean part by Kim Hee Seon. This song says we might get hurt in love, but ‘The love we have in our hearts is the only never changing myth.’


3. ‘White Moonlight’ By Jeff Chang

(The wound isn’t healing)

白月光 (Bai Yue Guang) Jeff Chang is a singer and an actor popularly known for Mandarin pop ballads. His "White Moonlight" song is about the injuries caused by his love while he is trying to forgive. The song depicts the phrase, ‘One can forgive but cannot forget.’ ‘I will always love you and ‘Stand by me’ are some of Jeff’s other hits.


4. ‘How Have You Been?’ By Eric Chou/zhou Xing Zhe

(Hope you love me. Your presence has enough absence)

好不好 (Ni Hao Bu Hao?) ‘How have you been, being the English name the Chinese title ‘Ni Hao Bu Hao’ is legendary in the audience. Eric Chou is a Taiwan Singer and songwriter. The song belongs to his studio album ‘What Love Taught Us.’ The music will make you miss and realize your love for your loved one. ‘What’s wrong’ and ‘Always believe in Love’ are other famous hits by Eric Chou.


5. ‘A Kind Of Sorrow’ By A-Lin

(Forgetting the Photo of Us)

有一種悲傷 (yǒu yī zhǒng bēi shāng) ‘A kind of Sorrow,' will make you remember your past all over again. This song is about unconditional love with photos of memories trying to wave all in the past but cannot! The song has an official place in the movie ‘More than Blue,' ‘Give me a reason to forget’ and ‘Fleeting Happiness’ are other hits that counted several likes & appreciation.


6. ‘Love Me True’ By Power Station

(Is Love Ever True?)

我很好騙 ( Wo Hen Hao Pian ) Power Station? Yes, it’s a name of a Rock Duo of artists -Yu Chiu-Hsin & Yen Chih-lin. The duo is remembered and heard for their energetic rock ballads. Amongst various albums, ‘Because of love’ is 2021 recent, which caught the audience’s heart. ‘Love me true,’ is trying to find true love and is afraid of being hurt.


7. ‘The Guest’ By Zhang Yuan

(I’m just a guest in your heart)

嘉宾 (Jia Bin) In the song ‘The Guest' the lover who received an invitation from his ex-partner is nostalgic and narrates the imagination of the wedding in the song. The lover wishes his ex to be happy. Zhang Yuan, in this song, has conveyed a unique love story, yet not a successful one which labels the song a breakup song. The song had a splendid response from other artists, with made covers of The Guest.


8. ‘You Exist In My Song’ By Wanting Qu

(You disappeared, but you are still here)

我的歌声里 (wǒ de gē shēng lǐ) is a one-sided love story from the album ‘Everything in the World.’ She expresses the sadness of the sudden disappearance of her partner in the song. Will they meet again? All she has is the memories of him. Wanting Qu was recognized and interviewed by ‘Billboard.' In her interview, she expressed the love she has for music. She is still starring with a global presence as an artist.


9. ‘Birds And Cicadas’ By Ren Ran

(Welcoming you my thoughts)

飞鸟和蝉 (Fei Niao He Chan) Is one of the famous hits by Ren Ran following the Hou Ji Zhe 后继者 song. Both songs have received their covers from the audience and artists. She has used a little exaggeration on her lover's disappearance with all the aesthetics and effects she needs. ‘On the thirteenth month, you will appear as expected’ is one of the lyrics that have a self-understanding indeed.


10. ‘Say Goodbye’ By Jay Chou

(It’s hard to let go)

说再见 (Shuo Zai Jian) Where to go after these goodbyes? ‘Where do I find eternity now?’ says the lyrics. May this song get through the farewell of your love, where, unfortunately, he cannot escape his past. Well, there won’t be goodbyes any sooner from this fine artist. ‘Greatest Works of Art’ is his 2022 album, dominating the audience’s heart.