Article: Top 10 Dramas Similar To Lighter & Princess

Lighter & Princess is a recent hit C-dramas that has been talked about among the audience. Their beautiful chemistry to the plot, everything is mind-blowing. Certain C-dramas are similar to Lighter & Princess, so you should watch them.

1. Fireworks Of My Heart

Fireworks Of My Heart is a story of two best friends, Song Yan and Xu Qin, who were inseparable. As they grew up, their family didn’t like their relationship and forced them to separate. Ten years later, Song Yan is a fire chief, and Xu Qin is an emergency doctor. They both dedicate their lives to saving others. Casavingrom has a different background, yet fate plays the part and decides to rejoin the two former friends.

2. Where The Lost Ones Go 

Where The Lost Ones Go describes the story of Ye Zi, a young art student who falls in love with another art student, Xiang Ze Yi. Their story starts as smoothly as both fall in love. However, one day, Xiang Ze Yi disappears without a word, and Ye Zi is left heartbroken. When Ye Zi becomes a famous manga illustrator, Xiang Ze Yi comes to get them back together and explains his disappearance whereabout.

3. Timeless Love

Timeless Love describes the story of two lost souls who unintentionally become each other missing pieces. Cheng Feng is a bookshop owner whose dream was to become a dancer, but after an accident, she has to give up. She meets Jiang Dian, a cold yet warm-hearted boy who is under a lot of family pressure.

4. Forever Love

Forever Love describes the story of two friends who have been with each other since school and their professional lives being each other’s support. Xia Lin Xi’s senior is perfect as every student's dream, but the same can’t be said for Jiang Zheng Han. With the support of Lin Xi, he faces all. Now, in their professional life, their feelings for each other start to grow, bringing new challenges to them.

5. Legally Romance

Legally Romance is about twenty-eight-year-old Qian Wei, a paralegal for Lu Xun. She dreamed of having a good career, but now her boring life is taking her nowhere. And her boss is making her life a hell. But everything changed when she got into a coma after an accident. She finds herself in a dream back in school and meets a new side of Lu Xu, her hell boss.

6. Go Ahead

Go Ahead describes the story of three non-related siblings who grew up with two fathers in the same house. The eldest brother, Ling Xiao, He Zi Qiu, the second brother, and the youngest sister, Li Jian Jian. Since childhood, they were each other’s support system, but once the oldest brothers graduated, they moved back to their original family. And three met after nine years with new feelings and personalities.

7. Time And Him Are Just Right 

Time And Him Are Just Right is about Lin Xi, who is adorable yet very stubborn. She approaches Ji Jun Xing, a top student who is very good at craft on purpose. They become good friends. They always have each other's back and try to accomplish their goals.

8. Hidden Love

Hidden Love describes the story of young Sang Zhi, who at first sight gets a crush on his brother’s best friend, Daun Jia Xu. He is five years older than her and takes her as his little sister. They meet again as Sang Zhi begins college all grown up, and Duan Jia Xu feels something for her is exciting to watch.

9. Crush 

Crush is a drama about Sang Wu Yan, a senior in college who dreams of becoming a broadcaster. She works in a radio station as an assistant and likes a mysterious songwriter, Yi Zin. She falls at first sight while meeting Su Nian Qin and later finds out he is blind. Su Nian Qin is around, but Sang Wu Yan brings a good side to him.

10. Road Home

Road Home is a drama about a young pair, Lu Yanchen and Gui Xiao, who meet in high school and fall in love. They started dating, but Lu Yanchen’s career made them separate and then break up. They meet again ten years later when everything changes, but the same cannot be said about their feeling for each other.