Article: Top 10 Japanese Movies That Will Pull All Your Heartstrings 

Only die-hard fans of Japanese cinema know how fun watching Japanese dramas can be, with the exciting plot, dynamic characters, and overall aesthetic and charm that Japanese dramas exude. The vibes of Japanese shows are different. Each J-drama has something beautiful that attracts viewers worldwide. They are engaging and entertaining. As the reach of Japanese dramas is increasing globally, the audience is also growing. If you are new to the J-drama world, then you are in the right place. This article has a list of some of the best Japanese dramas that you can watch. Here are the top 10 Japanese dramas listed below that will manage to make your heart flutter.

1. Long Vacation 

It is a beautiful drama with an engaging plot. The drama tells the story of a group of friends whose lives got entangled. The drama talks about the daily struggles of an individual trying to make ends meet. The characters in the drama are ambitious and honest. The characters have depth and are relatable. The drama is heartwarming, with realistic characters, an exciting story, and a touch of romance. It is worth watching.

2. Todome No Kiss 

Todome no Kiss is an absolute gem of a show. The story is gripping and will keep you hooked from start to end. It is a story about Dojimo Otaro, who has lost all hope and is unhappy. However, one day, his life changes when a suspicious woman enters his life and unexpectedly kisses him. He falls unconscious but wakes up seven days later. The drama is full of suspense and heartwarming moments. It is worth watching.

3. Koisenu Futari 

Koisenu Futari is one of the most beautiful Japanese dramas. The story is about Sakuko who lives in a society where a romantic relationship is a must, and as she doesn't believe in falling in love, she faces criticism and her life becomes tough. She crosses paths with Takahashi who can't fall in love either, and shares the same ideology as her's. They start living together to not be scorned by society for not being in any romantic relationship. It is not your typical romance story. It tells about the life and struggles of aromantic people. It is a heartwarming and feel-good drama.

4. Beautiful Life 

Beautiful Life is a drama that will pull the right chords of your heart. It is a heartfelt story of Kyoko and Shuji, who get closer after Kyoko's accident that left her handicapped and restricted to a wheelchair. Kyoko and Shuji help each other to grow. Together they overcome difficulties. It is a lovely drama that will leave you emotional.

5. Silent 

Silent is another soul-stirring drama. The story is about two high-school sweethearts who fall in love with each other over a shared love of music. However, their story takes an unexpected turn, and their relationship falls apart. After eight years, they meet again. They start over, but now their relationship is full of challenges they must overcome. The drama has an immersive plot with interesting characters. There are heartfelt moments that will make you cry and smile.

6. Kikazaru Koi Ni Wa Riyuu Ga Atte 

Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte is one of the best Japanese dramas that should be on your watch list. It is a story about an ambitious, hard-working girl who works as an interior designer and follows a hectic routine, and a boy who is a chef and is easygoing. When their lives entangle with each other, a love blooms between them. It is a drama about love, life, and friendship. There are secondary characters in the drama who are witty, dynamic, and fun to watch. The drama is worth watching.

7. Koi Desu: Yankee-Kun To Hakujou Garu 

It is a sweet and lighthearted drama. Akaza Yukiko suffers from amblyopia, which makes her see colours faintly. She meets a mischievous boy named Kurokawa Morio, who takes a liking to her. Akaza and Kurokawa have a bitter start but gradually come close and share a better understanding of each other. It is a heart-touching rom-com and a must-watch.

8. Nee-chan No Koibito

Nee-chan no Koibito is another heartfelt drama. The story is about Momoko Adachi and her three younger siblings. Their parents die in an accident, and all the responsibility falls upon Momoko. Being the elder sibling, she takes care of her younger siblings by working at a hardware store. Momoko gives up attending university and starts working hard to make ends meet. Momoko's character is selfless and caring, and you will fall in love with her. It is a wholesome drama about family and life.

9. Kounodori

Kounodori is another heart-melting drama. The story is about kind medic Kounotori Sakura, who works at a Medical center as an OB-GYN doctor. He grows up in an orphanage as his mother dies at childbirth. He is a talented jazz pianist and an ambitious doctor. He loves his work and delivers every newborn. Kounotori's character is sweet and loving. The drama is worth watching.

10. Midnight Diner 

Midnight Diner is that one drama that you can't skip. The story is about a little diner at a peaceful place that is open from midnight till the morning and the people who come there to find some solace in life and to share their stories. It is an enjoyable drama with a simple but unique plot. It is a must-watch drama for all Japanese drama lovers.