Article: Top 10 Chinese Romantic Dramas Featuring Strong Female Protagonists To Keep You Engaged

In recent years, Chinese romantic series have witnessed a significant shift with the rise of independent, strong female protagonists who break conventional stereotypes and captivate audiences with their charisma and resilience. Here, we will explore the top 10 Chinese romantic series that have featured a strong female protagonist, keeping the audiences engaged with love tales, empowerment, and self-discovery. From modern tale to historical romances, these series represents a novel perspective on women who are not afraid to take risks and are ready to conquer the world and the love they desire. If you love to watch romantic series with a strong female protagonist, then this article is for you.

1. Who Rules The World

Bai Feng Xi (Zhao Lusi) is a fearless princess, and Hei Feng Xi (Yang Yang) is a beloved prince. They both are intelligent and skilled but have opposite personalities. The flower of love started to bloom amidst the bloodshed in the last decade, caught in warfare and chaos of the political realms and martial arts. Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi hide their identities and work together to bring peace and justice. With a genre like warfare, politics, and bloodshed, it is a romantic series where Bai Feng Xi is represented as a strong female protagonist who fights for justice.

2. The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad is a 2021 series that portrays Li Chang Ge (Dilraba Dilmurat), who survives the attack that killed her family. To get revenge on those who killed her family, she builds an army. However, General Ashile Sun of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate wins. Rather than punishing her, he keeps her as an ally, and they gradually fall in love with each other. With a strong female lead protagonist and slow-burn romance, this series is fascinating to watch and enjoy.

3. Princess Agent

During the chaos, the innocent citizens of Wei are frequently taken as enslaved people, among which Chu Qiao becomes one and gets thrown into the forest, where she gets saved by a prince named Yan Xun. After this, she joins the influential family, Yu Wen, who sees them struggling with power. Chu Qiao wants to run away with her sister but gets noticed by Yuwen Yu, after which Chu Qiao begins to train hard, not realizing that they have started to fall in love with each other while training together. This series tells the tale of Chu Qiao, a warrior who fought to survive in a cruel world.

4. Begin Again

Begin Again is a 2020 series that portrays the story of a successful and robust CEO, Lu Fang Ning, who often gets pressured by her family to get married as soon as possible and have a baby. Lu Fang Ning meets Dr Ling Rui, with whom she fakes her relationship, and pretends to be a couple. However, in the end, the two end up falling in love with each other and it is so adorable to see them do well with time, where Lu Fang Ning learns to become a better person with time.

5. Remembrance Of Things Past

Remembrance of Things Past is a romantic series with a dominant female protagonist who meets many youthful people from the '80s and ‘90s in Beijing who experience difficulties in their personal and professional lives and romantic relationships. Qiao Xi Chen is a bright girl who lives a good life until one of her friends Hu Jing Jing dies leaving Qiao Xi in great shock and loss. However, Qiao Xi handles herself nicely and falls in love with Jian Fi Yan while managing her work life calmly. With time and challenges, Qiao Xi and her friends learn about hard work and confidence.

6. Legend Of Fei

Zhou Fei's grandfather was a hero who later became a bandit to aid others. To stop unusual warriors from causing chaos, Zhou Fei's family runs a hidden fort with bandits. Zhou Fei grew up in a secret home, sick of her isolated life. When she prepares to leave the place, she almost drowns in the water but is saved by a martial arts specialist, Xie Yun. Eventually, they become good friends and start training in fighting skills together. The two begin to develop deep feelings for each other when they go to fight against the evil forces. This is yet another lovely romantic series with a strong female protagonist that will give you thrills and chills.

7. Under The Power

Under the Power is a 2019 series where Yuan Jinxia is an intelligent police officer who meets Lu Yi, a ruthless leader of Jinyiwei, the emperor’s special guards or secret police. Lu Yi and Yuan Jinxia disagree every time they are together, but they are forced to work together when the government loses thousands of taels of silver. Both the main leads are portrayed as strong characters and work together to find out the people involved in an evil plan. However, they grow closer while solving the cases.

8. The Starry Love

It is a story about twin sisters Qing Kui, the elder sister, who has a kind heart and is respected by the, whole tribe. Qing Kui is engaged to the prince of heaven. Ye Tan, the younger sister, on the other hand, is intelligent, strong, and cunning and is committed to a demon prince. However, on the day of their marriage, the twin sisters, get switched and marry the wrong husband, which carries out the two romantic love stories. It is another drama with a strong female lead, released in 2023.

9. The Story Of Ming Lan

The Story of Ming Lan tells the tale of the 6th daughter of a disapproved concubine-born official, Sheng Ming Lan. Ming Lan grew up with her grandmother after her mother died at a young age. While growing up, Ming Lan learned tricks and methods to survive tough situations because there was no real love among their family members and were in alliances. Ming Lan meets Gu Ting Ye, the second son of a prosperous family who loses everything he has. Ming Lan and Gu Ting Ye then work together to get justice from those who have done wrong to them, and at last, the two lead to a happy ending.

10. Miss S

Miss Su When Li is a gorgeous and clever socialite who forms an unlikely detective duo pair with Luo Qiuheng, a severe and righteous inspector. Despite the differences, Su Wen Li and Luo Qiuheng share remarkable chemistry and manage to solve many cases together in Shanghai. Miss S is one of the best examples of a strong female protagonist, released in 2020.