Article: Top Ten K-Dramas Where the Main Leads Are Opposites

Some people fall in love with their best friends, some people fall in love with the most unexpected person, while some others fall in love with their enemies. Love blooms and grows in the most incredible places and sometimes with the most unexpected people. In this list, we are talking about some of the best K-dramas where our protagonists have opposite personalities, but they fall in love with each other.

1. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

In this series, we follow Yoon Hye-Jin, who is a hard-working dentist. She is realistic and down to earth; She is satisfied with her life in Seoul. However, one day, her entire life is turned upside-down. Hye-Jin was forced to move to a village, named Gongjin. While looking around the village Hye-Jin bumps into Hong Du-Sik. Du-Sik, our male protagonist, is an attractive man. He is called Chief Hong by the rest of the villagers. He is brilliant and handsome and helps around the village. Both Hye-Jin and Du-Sik have opposite personalities, and from the very first episode, their personalities clash with each other. Slowly, as the series goes on, we see how they come to accept and love each other.

2. Her Private Life

In this series, we follow Sung Deok-Mi, a woman who works at an art gallery as a curator. She is intelligent and loves her job. She is also a hardcore fan of an idol named Shi-An. She runs a fan website and is deeply involved in her affection for Shi-An. She focuses on her work, her friends as well as her fan website. We have Ryan, our male protagonist. Ryan becomes the director of the art gallery where Deok-Mi works. He has a cold and unsocial personality, but after learning that Deok-Mi is a fan of Shi-An and runs a website for him, Ryan becomes intrigued by her. Both of their personalities are different from each other, and yet somehow the series can make them seem compatible and by the end, we are rooting for them to get together.

3. Suspicious Partner

In this series, we follow Bong-Hee; at the beginning of the series, she is working at the Judicial Research and Training Institute as an apprentice. One day, she happens to meet Ji-Wook, our male protagonist. She mistook Ji-wook, who is a prosecutor, to be a molester. Later, she runs into Ji-Wook again. After having a couple of drinks together, both pass out, and Bong-Hee finds herself at Ji-Wook's apartment. After a couple of months, Bong-Hee must work at Ji-Wook's office. During this time Bong-Hee gets falsely accused of murder. From the beginning, their personalities are entirely different, and they constantly clash. Slowly, we see how they warm up to each other and slowly fall in love.

4. My Love From The Star

In this series, we follow Do Min-Joon, an alien who had landed on Earth during the Joseon Dynasty. Min-Joon is hundreds of years old and has a handsome appearance and near-perfect abilities. On the other hand, we have Cheon Song-Yi, an actress who is very bright and youthful. Both seem irritated with each other. As the episodes progress, we see them develop and understand each other better and develop feelings for each other.

5. Mad For Each Other

In this series, we follow No Whi-Oh, a detective who is easily irritable and has a quick temper. He has trouble controlling his temper and thus must seek help. While trying to improve and become his former self, he runs into a woman named Lee Min-Kyung. Min-Kyung had a fine job and a beautiful appearance however; her entire life gets turned upside down. When her life turns, Min-Kyung becomes compulsive and experiences delusions. Both can't stand each other at first. They find different ways to irritate one another but soon develop feelings for each other.

6. Boys Over Flowers

In this series, we follow Guem Jan-Di, an ordinary girl who comes from a middle-class family and gets admitted to a prestigious high school. She is very optimistic and bright. In high school, she meets a group known as the F4. The leader of the group is named Koo Jun-Pyo, the male protagonist. Jun-Pyo is a spoiled kid, heir to a global company called Shinhwa. The rest of the group comprises Yun Ji-Hu, So Lee-Jeong, and Song Woo-Bin. Jun-Pyo bullies Jan-Di from the first episode. Their arguments with each other are very dramatic. As the series progresses, both develop feelings for each other.

7. Touch Your Heart

In this series, we follow Yoon-Seo, a well-known actress who is required to join a firm where she must work as a secretary for her next role. For her next role in a drama series, she is to play the role, of a secretary. To gain experience for her role she joins a firm where she becomes the secretary of a lawyer named Kwon Jung-Rok. Jung-Rok, our male protagonist, is cold and very arrogant. Yoon-Seo and Jung-Rok do not like each other at the beginning of the series. Yoon-Seo sees Jung-Rook as arrogant and cannot deal with him. We see them, however, grow closer and fall in love with each other.

8. Full House

In this series, we follow Han Ji-Eun and Lee Young-Jae, our protagonists. Both our protagonists in the beginning are entirely incompatible with each other. Their personalities are different. Both end up living with each other, and they become roommates. We see how their relationship slowly matures and develops. As they grow to understand each other, they slowly fall in love.

9. I Am Not A Robot

In this series, we follow Min-Kyu, who is a part of a finance company where he is the largest shareholder. He is intelligent and handsome; he, however, does not like people. He is allergic to people and thus decides to shut himself in his house. We also follow Ji-A, a bright woman who works as a personal shopper. Due to circumstances, Ji-A ends up at Min-Kyu's house, where she pretends to be a robot. From the beginning, Ji-A deems Min-Kyu to be arrogant. We see how they develop feelings for each other.

10. Love To Hate You 

In this series, we follow Yeo Mi-Ran, who is a hard-working and tenacious attorney at a firm called Gilmu Law Firm. She is dedicated to her work. She is fiercely competitive, especially with men, and focuses primarily on her job. We also have Nam Gang-Ho who, is a well-known actor. Somehow, both Mi-Ran and Gang-Ho, two people who are not interested in romantic relationship and have fiery and opposite personalities, decide to have a love battle.