Article: 10 Famous Chinese Singers

Everyone adores a singer of a beautiful voice. China has a long history of producing talented artists in a variety of fields. It should come as no surprise that it has a long list of talented singers who have won the hearts of millions. Here are the ten famous Chinese singers. 

1. Teresa Teng

Teresa is one of the most famous Chinese singers. She started her singing career professionally as a teenager in the 1960s. She is popularly known for her beautiful romantic ballads, and folk songs.


2. Jody Chiang

Jody Chiang is known for folk songs and ballads. She became famous in the 1980s and continued at the age of 54 to be Taiwan’s most famous singer. She retired in 2015 and released 60 albums. Her roles in Taiwan’s popular music scenes are often compared to that of Teresa Teng.


3. Jay Chou

Jay Chou came into the Taiwanese music scene in 2000. In addition to the romantic ballads, he has many songs addressing societal issues like urban sprawls, drug addiction and domestic violence. His style is more on the spoken word or rap than melodic.


4. Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai entered in an MTV singing contest to add to her college application, and she eventually won. Her first album was released in the same year becoming the top seller in Taiwan. Her songs have catchy rhythms.


5. Faye Wong

Faye Wong launched her career in the early 90s in Hong Kong. She holds a Guinness world record for being the best-selling Cantopop singer female. Her music is more in alternative style music with a blend of traditional and pop.


6. Wong Ka Kui

Wong is the lead vocalist, and the founder of the rock band Beyond. He had a substantial influence on the people in the 1980s and 1990s. He was famous for songs like The Glorious Days, Under a Vast Sky, Truly Love You, etc.'


7. Kelly Chen Wai Lam

Kelly Chen Wai Lam is a Cantopop singer and actress based in Hong Kong. She had success in the East Asian entertainment Industry, with almost 20 million record sales of her 38 albums. She has won more than 300 awards and is involved in various philanthropic activities.


8. Joey Yung

Joey Yung is a Hong Kong based singer. Since her debut in 1996, she has won many awards, including JSG most popular female singer, etc. according to Forbes China Celebrity 100 2104 she was ranked 63rd making her the most influential Hong Kong based female singer in that year.


9. Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung is called the god of songs and has more than a hundred platinum discs to his name and has millions of fans worldwide. He was also named as one of the four heavenly kings of Cantopop. Some of his songs include farewell kiss, love sparks, etc.


10. Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung was world-famous singer and actor, but unfortunately, he passed away in 2003. He performed popular canto pop songs. His famous songs include A thousand dream of you, by gone love, wild wind, etc. He won many awards during music festivals.