Article: Top 10 Quotes From Chinese Dramas

Quotes are words that move our emotions and help us to understand the world better. It motivates and inspires us to keep moving forward. Quotes come in a variety of forms, and sometimes we find really beautiful quotes in a movie or a drama. Here are the top ten Chinese drama quotes.

1. The Colour Of The Night

‘The colour of the night’ is Chinese drama adapted from the novel Mi Lu Wei Cheng. The drama had memorable scenes along with its memorable quotes one which is

‘As long as you live, there will be unlimited possibilities.’


2. Meteor Garden

Meteor garden follows the story of Dong Shancai who wants to excel at her dream university. She encounters a popular elite group of high achievers and eventually finds love. This drama certainly stole the hearts of the viewers with its plot. Some really amazing quotes from this drama are

‘We have limited capacity, but we have unlimited determination’

‘There are two phrases in this world that you need to say yourself. ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m sorry.’

Keeping company is a sign of friendship’


3. Fifteen Years To Wait For Migratory Birds

The protagonist of the story met each other when they were fourteen and the heroine has a crush on him but doesn’t confess because of her unattractive looks, and as time goes on, she stays beside him for fifteen years.  Some of its beautiful quotes include

‘Every person has a migratory bird in their in their heart. Looking at this feather, you can imagine that bird once appearing in your life.


4. Nirvana In Fire

Nirvana in fire is a historical drama based on Lang Ya Bang a novel written Hai Yan. This drama has memorable scenes and has amazing quotes as well. One quote said by Su Zhe ‘people can only be betrayed by friends; enemies will never have the chance to.’


5. The Story Of Yanxi Palace

Quote said by Wei Ying Lou ‘if millions of people spat on me, I can wait till my face dries, even if I had to kneel down and wait, I will, knowing that one day ill reveal the truth.’


6. The Untamed

The drama gave its viewers a perfect mix of fantasy drama and mystery, but more than that, it gave some very memorable quotes. One of which includes

‘I don't care about anybody's open road; my only choice is a log bridge to devil.’  Wei Wu.


7. Bloody Romance

Bloody Romance follows the story of a young woman who was exploited in the past and has gone through hell and back to become an assassin. Some memorable quotes from this drama are

‘If she needs me ill protect her, if she wants to fly ill lend her a hand.’

‘I never once wanted to retrain her, she doesn’t belong to me, she only belongs to herself.’


8. The Vigilantes In Masks

This drama is based on folktales of a hero who lived in the Ming Dynasty.

‘It may be raining and the floor may be wet, yet those who fell are getting up by themselves. Don’t look for excuses anymore. I don’t know how you came this far today, but I want to remind you, that the most difficult moment is the moment right before success.’


9. Young Blood

Young blood follows the story of six youths from different backgrounds team up together to form an elite spy team of the Northern Song Dynasty.

‘Everything in the world may be stopping me, but I won’t stop as long as I am not dead.’


10. Skate Into Love

Skate into love is about two childhood friends who share same love for sports. Some of the memorable quotes from this drama are-:

‘The dreams never shine; it’s you that shine while chasing your dreams.’

‘If you are feeling confused about the road ahead, ask yourself what is the thing you truly love and dream about? Dream don’t shine, but it’s the people who chase after their dreams who shine brightly.’