Article: 10 Korean Actors Who Married A Non-Actress

Celebrities always have to be very thoughtful of their relationships, especially when a non-celebrity gets involved. It is not easy for celebrities to have a personal life, especially when the public is involved. Sometimes people find true love and get married to whom they really like and live a good life, here are some of the celebrities who kept their personal and professional lives different and are now married happily and made a lovely home for themselves.

1. Go Soo

The actor dated an art student who was way younger than her, and they had reportedly been dating for over four years before getting married in 2012, and she has had a good life and became the mother of three children. The actress was known for her stunts and action in dramas.


2. Song Il Gook

The actor was seen in dramas like the Emperor of the sea and Jumong. He has taken chiefly on challenges when selecting dramas, but in 2008, he got married to a high court judge from Busan, and they had triplets in Seoul named Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se.


3. Han Chae Young

She tied the knot with her senior, who was a former actor but later, when he was not able to gain popularity after starring in dramas like Jump, in 1999 he made a shift to studying for Business Administration in the US and got married to Han Chae Young, he still runs his business between Korea and the US.


4. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun got married to a banker who also happens to be her childhood friend (they went to elementary school together) and fell out of touch and reconnected as adults; and got married in 2012 and they have two children together. She is known for her roles in The Legend Of The Blue Sea and My Love From The Star.


5. Jeong Jun Ha

Also known for his comedic timing, Jeong Jun Ha gained fame through Infinite member, where he was a cast member, which aired in 2006. He got married to a Japanese flight attendant whose name was Nina Yagi. He has been spotted in a comedy house- No Brain Survival.


6. Shin Joo Ah

Is a famous Korean actress who got married to the Thai businessman and conglomerate Ratchanakun, which created a huge buzz back in 2014 when they got married. The couple has also done shows where they give tours of their house and mansion and how they communicate and their daily lives.


7. Park Jin Hee

The actress was seen in the drama, “The woman who still wants to Marry,” is married to an attorney. Her husband currently works overseas in a law firm and is also seven years younger than her. They recently had their first baby.


8. Nam Sang Mi

Nam Sang Mi was seen in the drama “The Joseon Gunman”. The K-drama star married in 2015 to her, a businessman, who focussed on running his own business and not a lot has been made public either. Publicly he has been described as the average guy.


9. Bae Soo Bin

The actor was married to a graduate student at the time, there have been many conversations about his wife being eight years younger than him. Not a lot has been made public about her, but she is apparently a good-natured and a kind  person. They have recently had a baby.


10. Park Si Yeon

Both Bae Soo Bin and Park Si Yeon worked together in a drama called “The Greatest Marriage,” and both the actors have since gotten married to non-celebrities. Park Si Yeon married an office going worker who was working at a small company at the time of their marriage and now have kids too.